September 10, 2007

Ramadan Kareem Blog!

Join us at the yearly running Ramadan Kareem Blog for pictures, views, polls, recipees and discussions on everything Ramadan in different parts of the world!


Sleepless In Muscat said...

you beat me to it


i was going to invite you to mine

Canc3riaN said...

Hey, lovely blog you got here.

I came across Samawel's blog as i was looking for Esperanto sites and that's also where I came across your name... and now your blog.

So where are you and Samawel from ?


Ramadan Kareem :)

Canc3riaN (from Dubai)

Arab Lady said...


Ramadan KAreeeeeM

khanana said...

hellooo SS..
hope your in good health and having good time...

I know your prayers always get rewarded
Pls do remember us in your prayers..

May Allah give us blessings and forgiveness in this Ramadan..

hav fun!

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