October 17, 2007

11 000 year old paint

Those of you who have followed my blog from the start know how much I love Syria and its people, food, culture and language. So I am happy to present to you what is believed to be the oldest wall painting in the world, 11 000 years to be exact, found in Jaadet Al-Maghara. Like the article in NG suggests, it does look like modern art!

"Researchers uncovered the prehistoric artwork while excavating the dwelling near the Euphrates River some 280 miles (480 kilometers) north of Damascus (see map)."
-National Geographic Online Continuation of story...

*Photograph by Directorate of Museums and Archeology/HO/AP


EXSENO said...

Welcome back.
Do you see what I see in that painting?
I like it but I don't just see the modern art in it, I see living things.
At a glance I see
A little below center in the middle, looks like two fish facing each other, just to the right of that a turtle, above the turtle, a snake, far left another snake.
This picture tells a story.
Very interesting, I wonder what else there is to find in this lovely peice of art.

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