December 29, 2007

Rain over Rawalpindi

One persons death can have such a great impact on the world. I spoke with a friend in Pakistan who tells me about streets with not a single car on them at 8 pm in the evening, not a store open, and flights not going in the major cities of Pakistan, like Lahore. Riots, violent attacks on any car that dare go out in the street for whatever errand.

Benazir Bhutto was a strong personality if anything and with her death, whatever indescrepancies she has been associated with, they will be forgotten and instead the last memory of her in her signature white "duppatta" (headscarf) waving and smiling to her supporters, defying all threaths to her life, will remain in even her opposers mind.

I have been phoned by swedish media asking me to comment on her death and if there were going to be any memorials for her by the pakistani community in Sweden. Her death and funeral has been all over swedish media. People really were affected by her, in whatever way, she did leave a lasting mark.

As I wrote earlier, as a child growing up she was an inspiration to me as a Muslim girl looking at a strong, intelligent and charismatic Muslim woman, defying all rules of traditional conduct. And perhaps her last sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice for her country forces us to think that perhaps she did care about the future of Pakistan.

Initial reports on her death said that she had died from a bullet wound, or some sort of shrapnel from the bomb, in her neck. Now all of a sudden the official version has changed dramatically. She died from a fall in her car somehow banging against the sunroof?

Few believe that theory. I doubt we will know for sure what version was the real one.

The future of Pakistan? People I talk to are worried, sad and depressed. They fear something worse is waiting. We can only pray and hope things calm down.

The hunt goes on to find the culprits of the murder of this mother of three, daughter of the east, reunited with her father and main inspiration.

In the news:

Email only to be used "If I am killed"

Oxford friends remember "fiery and fun" Benazir.

84 flights cancelled.

BB manuscript rushed into print


Radha said...

it was shocking to say the least. i was at mumbai airport when the news broke out on tv and everyone crowded around the tv and was stunned.
such a pity that she was victimised by politics in this fashion!

EXSENO said...

I really new nothing about her until you posted about her. Then suddenly she was the topic of many bloggers and much news. Some liked her some did not. The Pakistan news was very interesting during this time and when
I heard she was killed, I was so shocked. I'm still shocked.

Anonymous said...

Islam was never an intolerant religion, why we muslims have become intolerant to such an extent that we don't hesitate to kill anyone who dares to challenge us or our beliefs?

This is really bad. The people who are supposed to guide us the ordinary muslims, some of them are busy tarnishing the peaceful image of Islam while the rest of them are mere spectators, hardly doing anything to educate people about the real islam.

May Allah guide us & them to His right path. And may Allah have mercy on her soul & give patience to her kids.

Destitute Rebel said...

I have been in Pakistan for a while and seen the situation here develop, but my heart has become dark and I am at a loss of words for what is happening not only in Pakistan but around the world.

kaya said...

Yes, now that she is gone. Platitudes pour in.
Its funny how death gives you immediate redemption to the point of sainthood.
You die as you live your life.

mesothelioma said...

birth is preceeded by death and the rule is for evryone, somebody earlier and somebody late,but her soul is with pakistan..........

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Anonymous said...

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dude91 said...

I know its very sad

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