December 05, 2006


A testimony to a people, language or culture's influence in another language or culture, can be found in the world of linguistics.

We all know that the Muslim and Arab contribution to science, philosophy, medecine and more, has been majorly ignored by all of our western school curriculums. The dark ages in western history were the ages of light somewhere else.

The Renaissance was aided by the fact that Muslim scholars translated and reinterpreted the old works of Aristoteles, Socrates and others into Arabic, which became the language of intellect in many parts of Europe (Spain), Africa (Mali to Morocco) and Asia (Iraq). These texts were later translated into other european languages thus paved way for The Renaissance, or re-birth of the ancient philosophies.

Back to linguistics. The english word Carmine, meaning crimson red, has an interesting etymology. It dates back to Medieval Latin (1712), and is a mix of the Latin word minium and the Arabic word qirmiz.

It does somehow speak volumes about the influence of the Arabic language and Muslim contribution to our western heritage and highlights that there in fact can be no "western" void of the mention of Islam. The two are united.

1001 Inventions Exhibition in Cardiff, Wales


kaya said...

Kinda like the english word TAMARIND.
Which is taken from the arabic words TAMR (date/fruit) HIND (India).
KEWL!!!!! (I know thats just me LOL!)

Destitute Rebel said...

Very true, Islam's contribution to the end of the dark ages and the start of the renissance is undisputed. The scholasticism of medieval Catholic europe, focussed entirely as it was upon ancient authority, was unable to inform scientific inquiry until the revolutionary libraries of Islam were made available to the Catholic world. All western advances in civil engineering, mathematics, chemistry, medicine and astronomy were founded upon the medieval sciences of Islam, which were themselves built upon the classical traditions lost to the west during the Germanic destruction of the Roman Empire.

Destitute Rebel said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl!

Ain't be round for a long time but good to see you are your usual self blogging away.

Keep it up and though i haven't been in touch i still tune in to your thoughts.....

I'll leave you to figure it out?

I miss seeing Bashar al Asad's face plastered everywhere.

Ma Asalami,

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Kaya jaan where have you been hiding! Good to have you here. Mighty proud of the kiddies! mashallah. Well I didn't thikn about the tamarin connection, thanks for highlighting.

DReb, or should I say, Mr. Information? lol wah jee you know your history.

Anonymous, you better believe!!! lol It's been ages for real. Hope you are well. I am always my usual self, no matter what life throws at me :)


Anonymous said...

:) Aeyy SS really good post.. cha gae hey!

your love with linguistics just remind me something but that something is linked with many things.. so I better stop myself here.... /zip\… :)


checkout this link..

unlike you im very poor in languages and music is truly nothing close to me but its just something I like so thought to share..
(im sure you must have it already in your jukebox :P)

khush raho dost

Wil Robinson said...

United in more ways than one...beyond linguistics, why is it that many Muslims are accused of "anti-Semitism" even though they are themselves Semites?

The trade history between the old Middle Eastern world and Europe brought about many things - mathematics, science, numbers, etc. These things are conveniently forgotten in the so-called "war on terror," and the necessity of dividing the world into "good" and "evil" requires that no similarities be mentioned.

Umar said...

Apparently they were going to use a photo I had taken in their book.

(I don't think they ended up using it though)

kaya said...

HOLY CRAPOLA! D-reb What u on boy?
HUGS To u SS. Yeh it was really something that was.
So u been AWOL-ing a bit too. HAHAHHA!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Indeed Wil. Although arabs are semites and not necesserily all Muslims unless they are arab muslims of course :)

It is naturally much easier to wage war on soemthing that is not like oneself. And convincing ones people how different muslims and arabs are to regular "westerners" is quite helpful to the war hungry.

Umar, really? What photo was that? Could you post it on your blog?

Kaya if you're a good girl I might have something for you! lol hugs to you too.