January 01, 2007

Writings on Dubai, Oman and the Gulf

Travels & Encounters in Oman

Women Praying & Sultan Qaboos Mosque Reflections from my travels to Muscat, Oman

Travels & Encounters in The UAE 2007 & other related Articles

A hommage to the Markets in Sharjah Photography

Omani Dancers Reporting from the Heritage Village in Sharjah, The UAE.

Smoking Scents and The fate of Local Tradition A polish journalist preserving local heritage during the Heritage Village exhibition in Sharjah, The UAE.

Burj Al-Chocolate A display at the Burjuman Mall in Dubai.

Al-Baal Café in Gulf News Al-Baal featured in gulfnews.com

Squirt Attack An incident at a restaurant in Sharjah, the UAE.

The Hitchhiker's guide to The UAE Black Cabs, Guestworkers and Friday Night in the UAE.

A UAE local Photography and local women at the Heritage Village in Sharjah, The UAE.

Must Eat Mandy Restaurant and food review in Sharjah, The UAE

Al Bidyah Mosque: part 1 and Part 2 Inside the oldest mosque in The UAE.

Al Marhoum Mosque Dubai, The UAE.

Going Solar Parking metres on solar power in Dubai.

The UAE in patterns Art

Al-Baal Café on the UAE Reflections

"If Dubai can do it, why can´t we?" Tourism

UAE President shopping in Stockholm

Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens in Dubai Album signing in Dubai


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