February 20, 2007

Bush starrs in Arabic Music Video

In my hotel room in Cairo I saw this music video by singer Shams, Ahlan Ezayak (Hi, how are you). It criticizes in a comical way the whole Bush Administration's dealings with Iraq and Guantanamo as well as touching on the topic of plastic surgery. Refreshing for a change. Watch it here.


BuJ said...

Very fresh!
I like the way they manage to ridicule the Bush Administration.. however in a way they make them appear a bit cool. bad bad.
Glad Handala made an appearance.. didn't really expect him to pop up.
thanks for sharing SS.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I love this video, it is by far the best arab music video I have ever seen. It has substance and portrays issues in a very light but sharp way. Handala habibi is so cute.