February 21, 2007

Swedish terrorist?

Meet Hassan Asad. Palestinian/Jordanian born father of triplets, one blind, one in a wheelchair and one healthy son. He himself has undergone several operations and has a pacemaker. His whole family recently became Swedish citizens but for some reason he was denied it. Apparently the Swedish Secret Service, SÄPO had given confidential material to the immigration officials.

Asad is now to be sent back to Jordan (where he will no doubt be tortured) on the grounds of being a "threat to Swedish Scecurity". And what is he accused of? No one knows. Nor him or his lawyer have been told, nor do the Swedish public or media know.

Sweden is running errands for the US no doubt, just like they did a few years back when they let masked CIA agents take away Ahmed Agiza and Muhammed Al-Zary on Swedish soil! to Egypt without a trial, without being informed of what they had been accused of and being humiliated and tortured by both the agents themselves and Egyptian authority.

The Swedish public went into an uproar when they found out and apologies were made left right centre by the Government saying they were told by the CIA that the men would not be subjected to torture (which by International Law is a prerequisite if one is to leave out ones citizens). Both men returned to Sweden after being away for years.

A big campaign has been initiated, the Swedish Red Cross and many Muslim Organisations and other Swedish professionals are behind it. Let us hope Sweden doesn't make the same mistake again when his case is decided by the supreme court. We could all be in his shoes...

Read more about him on the private site that has been set up to support his case.


BuJ said...

Hmmm that's really sad.. reminds me a bit with the TV drama 24 (Season 6) where the US is under attack by suicide bombers from within.

I know it takes little imagination to think of such a plot, but it's really interesting how it affects the workings of a continually changing society full of different people each with their own beliefs.

i hope this guy returns back to sweden.. at least give him a chance to clear his name or produce evidence to the contrary.

clayfuture said...

The CIA is good at doing this sort of shit. Have other governments do the dirty work for them and take the blame.

Destitute Rebel said...

Great Post Shaira, We have become too quick to judge people based on their race and religion. There is no tolerance, no acceptance, everyone who is different is considered an enemy. Instead of things getting better they are getting worse day by day. People need to actively start fighting against this trend.Not just Sweden, this is a universal phenomenon. Lets hope Hassan is not extradited. and Lets pray for peace and understanding.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

These stories break my heart. Here in Canada we had the Arrar event -- with Mahar ship off to and tortured in Syria. Mashallah!

Let's make a good dua'a now for this brother.

Wa salaama,

nuh ibn

Umar said...

Alhumdullilah, Canada is making some progress on this front.
This week the Supreme Court ruled that holding people indefinitely under Security Certificates was unconstitutional.

More detail here.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I have never watched an episode of 24, just like Lost. Don't know why it never tempted me. Inshallah hopefully justice will prevail.

Indeed Clay F!

D Reb, we sure have become quick to judge and now it's so easy to blame someone for terrorism. They loose all their standing and no one believes them.

Nuh, welcome! It is very tragic to hear it happening all over the world. Kheyr inshallah!

Umar that's good news, thank you for the info.

Anonymous said...

Salam brothers

thanks for your du,aa and interest

Best Regards
Hassan Asad