April 04, 2007

Battling faulty sharia law

"Islam is like new wine in old bottles."

I met with Dr.Hassan Hanafi, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cairo. The Pakistani Government recently approved a bill that argued for a change in the old sharia law that stated that for rape a woman would need four witnesses.

Dr. Hanafi's writings on sharia and islam helped provide the necessery facts needed to refute such a faulty sharia interpretation (one that only Pakistan had), and he was consulted by President Musharraf throughout the whole process. The only time four witnesses is needed is to prove zina (adultery). And for that to be proved, the witnesses have to see both organs meet. The design of this law is basically such that it is next to impossible for four people to see the organs meet. Thus next to impossible to ever accuse anyone of adultery.


Destitute Rebel said...

Hey Shaykhspeara, This is a great post as usual. I met General Musharraf and he's the type of guy who will change old outdated and absurd laws that are in place or were put in place for peoples vested interests not because it was sharia. This particular law was added to the constitution by Zia Ul Haq to gain support from the mullahs when he took power. And I am glad that the law has finally been changed. The bill was signed and turned into law by General Musharraf. Lets hope the law is followed.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Thank you DReb :) You met him? when was that?

Yeah but many people don't know the reasons behind the drafting of such a false absurd law in the first place.

I sure hope it is followed. Problem is implementation, laws are fab and all, as long as people are accountable for not following them.

GB said...

You cumin' down for the M again? Lemme know if you are so we can meet up!

Oh and you'll have to tell me all about these trips you been makin ok?

kaya said...

I love you, u know that.
But u crack me up.

Porn flick or autopsy report?
As for the HUDOOD ORDINANCE , Isnt Mr. Musharraf the same GENt who called Mukhtaran Bibi a charlatan?
A woman out simply to get immigrated, and thus calling attention to herself.
End of the line: Of all the people who have tried to run the country, P. Musharraf has been the best thing to happen to Pakistan since... since... well since me! LOL!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol yaar what else should I have written? It needs to be said because most people think it is enough for four witnesses to walk into a room and see a man and woman alone there, or even just in the same bed.

Lol pagliiii You and Musharraf, well have you still not gotten the sitaara e imtiaaz?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

GB, how's it going? I know I have been a bit "gone" but I'll fill you in later. I don't know if i'll go this year but I haven't heard if mahabba are setting anything up this year? Are they? Hmm, one never knows. If they are I might just show up lol

Radha said...

Is that for real?? :) ..the part abt witnesses having to see both organs meet...u must be kidding :))

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol radha why is everyone so surprised about that? What else should I have written? lol

It makes perfect sense. You can't say someone has comitted adultery without knowing if they actually have...adultery is not simply lying in bed with someone else it's the actual sexual act.

The point is, sharia law was more constructed to get people to understand the graveness of an act, rather than to punish them for it.

Prometheus said...

Prometheus feels misinterpretation of religion is worse than blasphemy. Painful, but interesting to see people twist the holy texts to suit their IQ and vested interests.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Indeed Prometheus, indeed.

kaya said...

Yes, but who eactly sends out invitations to watch them in the act.
I am sorry but some rules are redundant and as such need to be updated.
There are times, when knowing friends hiding the adultery of their married friend is witness enough, I would think.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I agree Kaya lekin the point is, people justify stoning to death men and women because they have been accused of adultery. The point is, it would be next to impossible to stone someone to death for it based on the legal ruling of havin gto see the organs meet.

That doesn't mean that if a woman is married and the man is known to be cheating on her (cheating can also be done emotionally or through other physical acts then just sex) that she wouldn't be able to get a divorce from him.

So a friend knowing the adultery of another friend is a witness yes, but should it lead to stoning to death? That's the point I'm trying to make. There shouldn't be any stoning to death occuring at all. Be it old or new laws.

Anonymous said...

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