April 12, 2007

What's your global footprint?

We're all talking about global warming but do we know exactly how we are contributing to it?

A very interesting website called My Footprint will tell you just what your ecological footprint is. The results are disturbing and after taking the test myself I was told;

"If everyone lived like you, we would need 6,2 planets."

And I don't drive a car, don't use public transport more than maximum twice a week (I walk or bicycle). I fly a lot though. Don't eat meat products that often yet dairy everyday. Apparently the meat and cattle industry contributes to global warming immensley.

What's your footprint?


Prometheus said...

Prometheus scored 1 planet. Now can he collect his planet?

Destitute Rebel said...

I eat meat every day and I get this "IF EVERYONE LIVED LIKE YOU, WE WOULD NEED 1.3 PLANETS." scary. Another great post.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Prometheus, I am impressed! You deserve a large cake for that! Made out of zucchini because that's more environment friendly compared to dairy products... lol

D reb, you people are producing some great results here! Why the heck am I so high? Must be the 100 hours of airplane flying that I ticked in.

A life without travel? Oh gosh...

CG said...


I saved on meat & dairy and buses but failed on car (gas and km clocked up).

Do I get a medal? thought not. That is an awful result.

Baraka said...

Salaam dear,

I love this test and do it every so often to gauge how I'm living.

At 12 acres, I use half the acreage of the average American, but it would still take 2.7 earths to fulfill everyone's needs if they all lived with me.

Thanks for highlighting this!


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hey CG :) How's it going? Well I suppose you could get a medal for worst result so far? Joke aside I think we are all in need of some serious lifestyle changes but would we give up whatever it is that is causing us to need 6-7 globes? I don't know if I could stop travelling?

Salams Baraka :) kesi ho jaani? That's a great idea going back every now and then and doing the test again. Well I suppose all results are relative but you sure are scoring well :) I am still confused why I got such a high result, I thought I was rather environmentally friendly...then again I ticked in 100 flight hours...hmm I wonder if I do the test without ticking that if I get drastically different results or not.

Radha said...

I'm going to need 1.9 planets! Someone better start wkg on the .9 soon!!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Gosh I feel like the most terrible culprit here. You can all blame global warming on me and CG! lol

Well I reckon a few minor changes and you will only need one globe Radha...me on the other hand lol I will have to start swimming to my destinations!

Optimistic Guard said...

I'm not even gonna attempt the test, I know what i'll get, I'll probably need the whole galaxy. but that doesnt help does it, no other plants have a breathable atmosphere and water so we'v gotta try and be good.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol well you should try it, I expected to score much lower but hey?