April 06, 2007

Loneliness á la Sweden

Easter Holiday is celebrated all over Sweden and one thing you can be sure of Swedes doing these days is shopping for groceries for all the dinners usually spent with family.

An old man approached the woman at the cashregister with his groceries. After scanning them all in, she announced the total sum of 152 swedish crowns (15 euros). The old man took up his wallet and said;

"Only 152? I was hoping it would have been more than that. If I had family I would have surely bought loads of things."


ferramis said...

How sad :(

Radha said...

Aww :(
Makes me miss my family back home :(
Happt easter btw! :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Gosh sorry to depress you guys!

Ferramis long time noe see :) Hope all is well inshallah.

Happy easter to you to Radha!

ArabLady said...

7arammm...lol u broke our hearts SS ;)

Happy Easter to Every Body

Destitute Rebel said...

Poor fellow, you especially miss loved ones on holidays. I remember when i was in school I used to miss my family a lot when everyone went away for christmas and thanksgiving and when peoples parents came for parents weekends. Happy Easter to you Shaira, and everyone else.

Optimistic Guard said...

I wish you a merry chritm.... oh no a happy easter. Hope you have a great easter sunday. And hope this man from the store doesnt feel too lonely.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

A Lady, ufff I feel terrible now lol

Happy easter to all of you too although I don't really celebrate it that much. My grandma is down visiting us and she is swedish and christian so of course for her we do make an effort.

Aww bechara D Reb, akela valdein ki bagheir!

lol OG got the wrong holiday there ey? Thanks. I hope he isn't too lonely either.

Jin said...

Awww, so sad :-(
Isn't it amazing how just a few short sentences can leave you wondering for hours about the life of a simple stranger?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hi Jin :) welcome!

I constantly ponder over things I have heard or seen or people I have met. Like an old bosnian lady I ran into in Blagaj last summer who didn't speak a word english yet managed to communicate to me to stay while she goes and gets roses and fresh tomatos from her garden for me to take with me. A total stranger at first and now a fond memory.