July 09, 2007

*Weird* Tag

When you blog, no matter how serious or non personal your blog is, you must be prepared for the occasional tag to break the pattern and lighten things up so Um Ibrahim, thank you for this one.

6 weird things about me:

1. I have three passports, two nationalities, one of them a country I have never set my foot in and have no "ethnic" ties to.

2. I love old books and visit every sunday market both here and abroad with a mission to "rescue" all old books, and take them with me to my growing library.

3. After a few days in a country I usually start understanding and speaking the language there. It quite freaks me and the people around me out. Last time was in Bosnia.

4. Before I drink water from a tap I have to fill the glass and pour it over the tap imagining that the tap is clean now so the water too is clean...compulsive behavior?

5. I love eating cold pasta with ketchup...

6. My sister and I have had our own secret language between us (that changes all the time with new words) since childhood that has rubbed off to our friends and family, so now everyone is talking "weird" around here.


Um Ibrahim said...

Love your intro on the post;)

finnally, I found someone with 3 passports like me, although 4 me it's more kinda of special than weird;)

I envy you for having a special language with your sister.

Radha said...

Ok you need to explain the point # 1...how do you collect nationalities like that??

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Thanks Umm Ibrahim :) Well I suppose you are right, it is special and I ma very thankful...I suppose the weird part is the nationality bit.

Radha..what can I say lol well I have parents who roamed the earth like Gypsy Kings... My mother is ethnically swedish and father ethnically pakistani, and I have ended up with a canadian nationality...never been there in my life lol