June 28, 2007

Female Doctors & The Eternal Muslim Plea...

Having worked in the health care system in an immigrant dominated suburb in Stockholm, one picks up on a lot of things going on with people behind closed doors and text book replies.

One of the main issues for patients visiting a doctor has been the lack of female doctors to meet the huge demands of a large immigrant population, some perhaps not used to going to a doctor of the opposite gender.

In the suburb in question, Wahabi inspired Islam seems to be spreading more and more. The influx of Somali refugees, many (but of course not all) of them having lived in Saudi Arabia, has affected the spirit in this particular suburb. Seeing women in Niqab on a daily basis is nothing strange here. I must add though, most of these women don't work and it doesn't seem like it's part of any future plans.

To become a doctor, all of you surely know, hard work is needed. Night shifts and working in environments with men and women, female and male patients.

These women (with the encouraging tune of their husbands) who for religiously claimed reasons won't see a male doctor even if it has to do with examining a throat, are no where to be found in medical schools or nursing schools but rather make themselves scarce when the subject is brought up and it is not uncommon to get the reply:

"It's not islamic for a woman to stay away all night
(referring to night shifts), or to examine male patients."

But a female doctor, they must have.

From Stockholm to Yemen. In Tarim, an area near Hadramout, there are no female doctors to be found, at all. Well, apart from the imported female Russian doctors. But no woman will go, or rather, no husband or father will allow them to visit a male doctor. So I ask myself: from where are these female doctors supposed to rain down on us?


A world of Symphony said...

Imports are a temporary solution. For the long run, wider vision & more open-mindedness is what's required to counter traditional norms.

I know it's easier said than done but it's a fact!

Usama said...

Is there a shortage of non-muslim female docs in stockholm?

clayfuture said...

I'm thinking of opening of a hospital there, run by a female management, with female doctors and nurses and open only to females. I bet I could make a lotta money!! :D

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Absolutely AWOS, I mean one can import all one wants but it's not a sustainable way of building society. There is local talent and ability but it is seldom encouraged for various reasons, in this case cultural under a religous cover.

Usama, there are more or less quite an equal amount of female and male doctors in Sweden, that is not the issue. The problem is distribution of them. there is no guarantee that you will have equal amounts in an immigrant populated suburb which sometimes is hard to recruit doctors to. And because of the increased demand for same sex doctors of patients, for cultural reason (both among muslim and non muslim immigrants) the pressure is on. This demand is more often made by female patients andone sees male often settle for doctors of both sexes.

The point I am making usama is: If you (as a woman or man) are gonna claim religious reasons for having to have female doctors treat females only, then you better sit yourself down in medical schools, produce female doctors that are muslim too, not sit an wait for everyone else to take care of your business, and stop hiding behind religion. You know what I mean?

Clay, what can I say... I reckon when God made you, He left out all serious bones...lol

clayfuture said...

Hey don't make fun of my funny bones! But in all seriousness... i don't think wahhabism is right in everything. The mutawwas interpret the quran and islam in any way they please, according to what they think is right. Therefore, they all have different views on controversial topics. You have to think rationally and use some common sense.. apply that to islamic teachings and see what you come up with.. not everything ends with a big NO!! Saudis are strict when it comes to women, but the men can do anything they please? bullshit! Both men and women have certain limits, but why do they oppress women so much then! anyway.. point being.. if there are no female docs available, let the male doctors handle the female patients before the illness gets worse!

Radha said...

Really? This happens in Europe?!!

kaya said...

Salams jaani
Hope you are well. Are u on vacation now?
Talk to u soon. Will comment on post later. Needs a thoughtful response, and we all know when I go into thinking mode, it could well be 2007 before a thought comes.

Um Ibrahim said...


Sometime, muslims generalized everything, without reaoning, lucky for me here in ammman, there's always female doctors/nurse even after midnight;)
Btw I tagged you here http://withoneeye.wordpress.com/2007/07/04/six-weird-things-about-moi/

Umm Yusuf said...

Asslaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuhu,

During the battles, women worked on the fields bandaging and caring for the fallen men-during the prophet's time. Aisha was accomplished in remedies.

We need more women to fill the fields of medicine!

sheilaX said...


I don't know if a female-only hospital would work. Will the Hippocratic Oath apply if a male patient is wheeled in on an emergency case?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Kaya jaan, vacation? moi? Nahi yaar kaam kar rahe ho. Theek hai I'll wait for that bombastic reply lol

Salam Um Ibrahim :) Good to have you here. And thanks for the tag. Well lucky for you indeed :) A question, he female nurses and doctors in Amman, are they mostly locals? I know in Syria it is mostly local women and men making up the medical staff.

Salam and welcome Umm Yusuf! Indeed, the frustrating part of wahabi thought is how little knowledge it seems to have of reality bought now and at the time of the Prophet (pbuh).

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Clayfuture, I agree that wahabi interpretation is something that doesn't belong to a rational world, however the point I am trying to make is: if you demand a certain service, you should be actively part of providing it too.

Radha, lol it's so sweet the way you said that. YES, this and more happens in Europe. I would say most European countries today consist of many countires and ideologies living in the same physically geographical area, whereas the minds..well they may be placed elsewhere.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Salam Sheila, so good to see you, its been ages! :)

Well I don't know what the consequences of a female only hospital would be either. In true "islamic spirit" if we can call it that (it is rather humanitarian spirit but nevertheless), necessity is always an exception. So I would imagine that should a male patient come in an emergency, they would be obliged to care for him. However, having said that, since the world doesn't function according to ideals, this may not happen should one have a female only hospital...

My point with this post is not to open female only hospitals..I am happy with the mix, however, to encourage debate mainly directed at a certain part of the muslim population who demands indiscriminately a female doctor for any ailment, claiming religion as an excuse, but will never herself be found in a medical school or hospital, claiming the same religious reasons..that to me is hypocricy.

bas kamal said...

During the battles, women worked on the fields bandaging and caring for the fallen men-during the prophet's time. Aisha was accomplished in remedies.We nedd more womens in different feilds 2 ove come our need.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Indeed bas kamal!

Navcity said...

Wahabiism is a blight..The niqaab isnt from Islam anyway. When the muslims conquered what is now Syria in the 7th Century, the christian women of the elite class covered their faces and the fashion took off amongst muslims.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

being a muslim first year medical student in the uk, making the decision to study medicine was a hard one. On one hand, it has always been a dream and I have overcome so many barriers to get into medical school. However,the actuality of the profession sometimes scares me, like when we go to see the disected cadavers to learn anatomy, when we have to physically examine male patients, and the long working hours for the future. It scares me in terms of how is it possible to find a man so understanding to the challenges of the proffession, and am I going to be commiting daily sins by being a doctor.

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