August 08, 2006

Morica Han

Walking through the old town Bascarsiye in Sarajevo, really is like walking back in time. We decided to have coffee at an old former Caravansaray (meaning castle of caravans), which you can find on Ferhadija walkway.

The han was used as an inn, warehouse space, stable and accomodation for traders who often travelled from both near and far. It was funded by the Gazi Husrevbegova (a name you will often hear and read about in Sarajevo) fund, but got its name much later from the inn operator Mustafa Moric.

Today it hosts many cafés and restaurants and some absolutely amazing local Bosnian and Persian rugs.


nzm said...


What were the prices like?

Shaykhspeara said...

Well they were rather mixed of course and one is recommended to bargain and price haggle, naturally but if you want a good big sized local rug I would think a few 100 Euros maybe? Hard to say exactly. I can find out if you really wanna know my Bosnian "crew" still in Bosnia :)

Bosnia in general is cheap and affordable. Some great shopping can be done there, knitt wear, carpets, sometimes clothes, silver, handicrafts etc and hand pounded coffee!

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