September 21, 2006

E-mailing Musharraf

Did you know President Parvez Musharraf had his own website?

The reason I found out is that there is a "Women's Protection Bill" in Pakistan that has been proposed and is now on the table of the President himself, where he can either take action and approve it or not.

A campaign on the net has been initiated by blogger Eteraz and brought to my attention by fellow blogger Baraka. You can read more about the Bill there.

For those (Pakistani, half Pakistani, or non Pakistani) interested in lobbying for this Bill to be taken seriously by the President concerning issues of forced marriages, rape and abuse, the following can be done.

Go to Musharraf's website, and send a comment with the following text:

We believe that you should support the passage of the Women’s Protection Act in the form proposed by the Select Committee of Parliament. The passage of that bill would be a significant step forwards in the protection of women’s rights in Pakistan and an achievement for which you would always be remembered.
Musharraf is to appear on The Daily Show with John Stewart on Sept 26th.
Ps. one can actually download desktop pictures of Musharraf on his website... *Laugh*


Boo! said...

The website was created 3-4 years back, I think... but I dont' remember any desktops available for downloading at that time.

That is funny. I'd be interested in getting the stats for that site and see how many people have actually downloaded that stuff :)

I will try and take a look at the bill too... but only after I've changed my desktop!

Destitute Rebel said...

Lets hope the bill passes but there is a lot of opposition from the Mullahs and that is why it was actually tabled by the parliament. Its not just a matter of Musharraf signing the bill it has to be voted on first by the lower house and that has been the issue till now, the bill was brought up for vote but tabled indefinately because there were chances of it getting the axe. Now the government is waiting for musharrafs return from the states so he can put some some pressure where its required and get the bill passed and signed. Good work on giving exposure to the issue. And for that you get a special rare never before seen Desktop of Musharraf. To claim your prize do a post on "why you admire musharraf as a great leader" and the desktop picture will be sent your way - lol.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Boo, which one did you donwload? The one with his face or teh Pakistan first one? lol

D Reb: That is one prize I am not keen on winning!

If I understood it correctly, there was actually a shaykh of a some sort who was behind the creation of the bill in the first place?

EXSENO said...

I knew it. I wrote to him asking him to unblock the ban on blogs in Pakistan.