September 01, 2006

Travel Time & Wedding Planning

It's time for another short but sweet trip. Will be back to blogging hopefully by next week.

The Wedding planner
A friend of mine is getting married and the whole Pakistani thing has to be done. First two different mehndi (henna) days. One for the bride, one for the groom. On top of that, one wedding day for the girl (Baraat), and one for the guy (Walima). Are you feeling exhausted?

Anyways, with Pakistani weddings you can always be sure to expect drama. You know, of the Bollywood kind. 200 gulab jamuns have to be made, a woman who can play the dhol (drum) needs to be located, and, make sure to tell that woman alongside her friends not to sing for 5 hours (please!!!), find sticks to make dhandiyan (wooden sticks in colour used for a special dance.)

Finding the sticks & A No Fork Policy
I mean you just don't find the right equipment for Pakistani weddings here. So what does any normal Pakistani do?...They go to the hardware store, buy some wood, and saw some dhandiyan...

Then there was the purchasing of supplies for the first Mehndi that we did today. So I tell my friend TP, lets get 200 forks, knives and spoons.
TP: Shaykhspeara what are you saying? These are no Swedes. It's all chammach (spoon) and roti (bread).

Then I'm like, so, shouldn't we get you like a guestbook for all the guests to sign it?
TP: Are you still on about those Swedish things? I'll be happy if they leave stains of curry in it.

To be there or not to be there
Then there is the issue of planning the actual program of the day. When is the groom entering, who will throw rose petals on him, and when is the bride entering with her entourage? So naturally, I ask.
TP: Well she's not gonna be there.
Me: What do you mean she's not gonna be there, she's the Bride??
TP: Well I don't know don't ask me. I think her mom said it was bad luck.

So I don't plan the program with her in mind. A few days later I get a call. The bride is after all, gonna be there.

A few days later, another call.

TP: Well, there's been a slight change of plan.
Me, bracing myself: Oh?
TP: Yes, the bride isn't coming oh and, the wedding has been moved earlier, to next week.

So the bride is not coming, but, get this...her family is.

The bride's Mehndi
Then there is the issue of the bride's Mehndi day. So I ask TP, what's the plan for that?
TP: Well I am not going.
Me: What's this now? Why are you not going?
TP: Because her mom wanted it so. But you are going.
Me: I am going? I am going to your wedding but you are not gonna be there? I am not even related but I will be there?

The Almond Talk
We (as in the grooms entourage), have to come to the bride's Mehndi day with almonds in a basket. So let me get this straight: I am going to my friend's wedding without my friend being there, to attend his bride to be's Mehndi whom I have no affiliation with, carrying almonds in a huge basket we bought from IKEA...

All in all, what don't you do for your friends? A small sacrifice to make them happy on their big day, umm, I mean days. Even though they won't be there to witness some of the days!! *laugh*


BuJ said...

Wow.. if I were mr TP then I'd be quite stressed, but seems he's very chilled out! I guess it's the effect of being in Svergie.

Here in the UK, TP is the name of a special sauce.. I need to check out on this.. maybe u can get him a special present for his wedding (evil laugh, hihi)

By the way, this line was amazing : " mean you just don't find the right equipment for Pakistani weddings here. So what does any normal Pakistani do?...They go to the hardware store, buy some wood, and saw some dhandiyan..."

After reading this post one has to wonder.. is the term "normal Pakistani" an oxymoron?
seems so dramatic to my camel-cum-shopping mall Arab mentality :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

TP sauce? well I might just get one and tie a ribbon around it and presentit along with the curry stained guestbook.

Normal Pakistani?...well I will leave that up to the readers to

Destitute Rebel said...

Have fun on your trip. the Pakistani wedding are always an interesting affair im sure you guys are planning it out well and will have a blast who cares for the bride and the groom so what if they are not present lol. i'd sneak in some cashews with the almonds to eat if i were you.

khanana said...

im sure you'll hav tons of fun in it...

n pls have a safe trip

Tainted Female said...

I’m lost. How in the world does a wedding take place without a bride? That’s what the west considered being left at the alter, and no actual marriage takes place. Am I reading this right?

nzm said...

Well, whatever happens SS, make sure that you have a really great time and take lots of pics, as I'm sure that it will be a very colourful event!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the well wishes :)

Well Tainted, apparently its not that important for them to be at the mehndi. As long as they show up on Bharaat and Walima. Ah well..

NZM, pics? me? you betcha!

Umar said...

always count on you to have cool songs on your stickam.

that mehndi one has been played at every wedding i've been to this year.

Boo! said...

i'm trying to not think about my 'big day(s)'... as long as i'm in HK, i can afford to do that. Every time I call home, I get a lengthy update on what is happening at the mehendi/shaadi/walima... all i say is 'good... ok... very nice'. :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Umar, coool new avatar! Me likes it!

Yeah its such a popular song but actually i first heard it 2000 in Lahore at a wedding i went to.

Boo: I feel you, what can I say? blog about it lol by the way, when is it? I can come and throw almonds at her mehndi as well, afetr all, it's not like anyone will notice me in the big crowd? lol

Boo! said...
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Arabized said...

oh man, planning weddings are so stressful, i feel your pain :/ but then the weddings end up being a lot of fun.


MD said...

Oh Good Lord! This is insane...

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Yeah biz I usually always enjoy it in the end. Today is D.Day!

MD lolllzzz