October 27, 2006

Damned Dime

Patients mysteriously self set on fire even after the fire has been put out. Patients with internal burns that wont heal.

It's all about Dime. A new "sucess story" in the world of weaponry. Doctors in Gaza and Lebanon have all reported these strange new finds in patients that have been coming in after attacks by Israeli Military. Sweden recently was made privy of such reports alongside reports from Danish medical staff also talking of a similar strange types of wounds from the same area.

A weapon that has been developed in US airforce labs with toxic heavy metal powder called Dime, is believed to have been used in attacks on civilians in both Lebanon and Gaza according to recent reports that are being further looked into by Human Rights Watch. The Israeli human rights organisation, PHR, Physicians for Human Rights, have been waiting for a meeting with the Israeli Defence Ministry for two months, demanding an explanation to the mysterious wounds on victims of attacks in Gaza after having visited fellow medical staff in Gaza and taking their testimony.

During the war in Vietnam, similar wounds were found in civilians struck by US smoke- and light granades, which both contain white phosphor, a substance not approved for use against human beings.

Even there the wounds were of the type that would not stop burning even after attempts to stop the burning wounds. Doctors at that time had to cut out the area of the burns in order to allow the patient a chance to heal and survive. the idea then, like now, was to inflict wounds of a type that simply would not heal, and thus would leave the affected person untreatable.

More than 30 years later it is happening again.

Similar story can also be read in The Guardian.


Potential Waste said...

Oh my God. It's so sad, SS.

Wil Morat said...

Yet another piece of evidence of the "western" world using WMDs while accusing any non-white country of being a terrorist.

There was the "rushed" order of cluster bombs that Israel purchased (or was given free, since most of their military budget is provided inthe form of US aid).

These cluster bombs were rushed in and used in the last three days against Lebanon before the ceasefire - and thousands are still lying around unexploded throughout southern Lebanon.

At some point both sides need to really practice what they preach.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hey PW, I know how you feel.

Wil, the whole ordeal with the cluster bombs is really tragic. And children are dying as we speak while finding them lying around.

The world is not fair. But we have to still strive for it to be so and never lose hope. We haven't yet earned the right to lose it. The day we have a cluster bomb fall on us, then perhaps it would be justified to loose hope...but we have to try to create awareness on a longterm basis. It's the least we can do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't criticize uncle Sam & his friends. They are our "real" friends in this War on Terror. We definitely need more of these WMDs to protect us from "destruction".

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Or rather, we need more WMDs to protect us from WMDs...

Fabulous logic, no?