October 12, 2006

Jolie's Jordan Journal

What are the chances of us ever visiting Ruweished camp in Jordan? Slim to none?

What is Ruweished camp? Who lives there, and why are they there?

One can say many things about celebrities doing charity work, and some may even go so far as saying they do it for their own publicity. But the fact of the matter is, many people who care about for example, what Angelina Jolie does, will perhaps come across the following link; Angelina Jolie's Jordan Journal. And perhaps one more soul on the planet has been made aware of yet another pebble in the sea of hurt. And who knows, that soul might be inspired to do something about it.

Jolie talks Ramadan, Refugees and Recognition.


moryarti said...

she is amazing .. isn't she

boo! said...

Hopes and prayers for the people in Ruweished camp, and countless others all over the globe.

As for Ms Jolie, she might possibly have started the goodwill ambassador thing for publicity, but I think she's gone way beyond that by now.

Boo! said...

this doesn't really have anything to do with this post, but i just saw the news and Sweden is on there. Apparently trade minister resigning due to evaded nanny fee or something, and culture minister not paying tv tax.

Just made me laugh. I think you should leave the corrupt country and move to... maybe Pakistan. hehe

We actually have a sitting governor who had murder charges against him dropped by the state so that he could be installed as minister. Later it was found out even after his appointment, his family continued to collect social security in the UK. And he is still the governor!

TV and nannies... weak people who resign based on such actions(please note i use the word 'actions', not 'crimes' for such little things can hardly be called crimes), should not be allowed to lead in the first place!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Moryarti, absolutely!

Ameen boo.
Well, corruption usually is prevalent among the richer in society...especially in the west. She is a wealthy woman, had millions and yet claims she couldn't afford to legally pay a nanny. It's a joke. Anyways, she has resigned...

Anonymous said...

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