October 11, 2006

NG goes World Music

National Geographic, most famous for its amazing imagery and photography not to mention top of the line articles and stories from the world has now decided to delve into the world's music scene.

Apart from music downloads you will be able to find videos, artists interviews and information about tarditional and popular music in contries around the world.

Baaba Maal from Senegal, Emmanuel Jal, former Sudanese child soldier now hip-hop star. Or how about Israeli Reggae?

Visit their new website here.


Destitute Rebel said...

Amazing find. Did you read about it somewhere or are you crawling the internet all the time looking for this stuff. Great work.

A world of Symphony said...

SS: Thanks for this link, just bookmarked it. For me, it's a huge link being a music lover and all that. How's the weather in Sweden?

nzm said...

Post Hijack

SS: do you know what's happened to Buj's blog?

end Post Hijack

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

D Reb, enjoy the website.

AWOS, I am like you a huge music lover of all kinds. I love to find new unheard of artists and music. Sweden is getting cold. Autumn is definitely here.

NZM, are you back from your getaway? I am wondering the same thing. Maybe he is having blogger problems like kaya had. Or maybe just taking a break?