October 17, 2006

Poll Result: Israeli Military Reaction

Not much more needs to be added to the poll results. They speak volumes in many ways. The world is not black and white and one is reminded of that more and more every day.

Do vote in my next poll: Do you believe a cure for AIDS will be invented in the future?


Wil Morat said...

Why is it that the U.S. government doesn't answer this poll in the same way? How has the moral compass of American leadership gone awry?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Welcome Wil Morat :)

Yes one can certainly ask why.

Although for me when Clinton decided to do something about the on going massmurder of Bosnian Muslims in the 90's, the moral compass was where it should be. Even though late.

The rest of the time there seems to be an immoral compass rather, not only in the United States Government, and God knows it is working perfectly well.