June 29, 2006


During the time I was away, you have been listening to the song Dervish by Iranian singer Shakila. She's a well known singer of the younger generation and is also famous for singing very spiritual songs often to the words of the poet Rumi. She is yet to be able to perform in Iran, so most of the concerts take place in the States where she lives.

My Lord, help me not to neglect You
My Lord, help me, not to be a stranger and a beggar
Help me, the book of my heart be filled with love
Help me, not to be a piece of false paper
Chorus: In Your company, I am a monk, sacrificing me
I am the least valuable of all people, sacrificing me
As a bent branch of heaviness, I am full of desire
My Lord, what would I do, if I would not turn to You?
My monk’s heart, this evident wealth of fidelity,
which is Your munificent verse, how can I not be descended?
Chorus: In Your company, I am a monk, sacrificing me
I am the least valuable of all people, sacrificing me
I am only one drop and You are the beach of Life’s Ocean
I am less than nothing if I won’t be joined to You
My Lord the most precious result of my life is my heart
Help me not to be ashamed of my life’s result
Chorus: In Your company, I am a monk, sacrificing me
I am the least valuable of all people, sacrificing me

With many thanks to Hlejac's mother for translating it for me.


BuJ said...

Rumi... I have read Omar Khayyam (In English and Arabic) but never Rumi.. I guess I should look up his works.

Sounds very interesting.. Reminds me of shabnaam, i meant Gogoosh :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Omar Khayyam I have not read. Tayyeb we'll do a swap, you borrow rumi and lend me Khayyam. :)

Shabnaaaaaaaaaaaaam! Well Gogoosh is much much older and more well known of course.

moryarti said...

SS -

I know i sound like a geek when i say this, but this STICKAM thing is great! :D

btw, i removed word varification as per your request :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hala Moryarti!

Sho hada? First Samawel nerd alerted me in my Kosher wine post, and now you say you sound like a geek lol

Well alf meet ahla wo sahla! I love the stickam thingy kaman. What do you think of the latest song? Isn't it soothing to the soul?

Oh and thanks for turning it off :) (Buj did you hear that?)

BuJ said...

hi guys!

first i have to say i love that babawethu song with the silicone funny sounding song!!! how and where did u get it from?

sounds very familiar to a song i was listening to over the weekend.. so cooooool! i think it was sadafrican gospel.. super cool :)

yeah, thnx moryarti for taking word ver off.. how cool is that SS.. u even got him to post it on your blog! dedication!

welchome back.. still waitin for dose pics

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well I'm glad you're feeling it. I got it from a place called Caerdydd. And it is actually South African Gospel!

I will post more about who and what later. I like to let people listen to the song first without prejudice, and then get the information about the song and singer.

About the word verification, I must say I feel honoured. Almost teary eyed... lol

Pics soon...promise.

kaya said...

WHAT HAVE I DONE...boooohooo chay shod? Maaan chikaaar kardaaam.... baybakhsh maan jun e maan. maan gayriya mekonam...

Anonymous said...

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