June 05, 2006

Do you speak snake?

Or was it called parsel tongue?

Well, Harry Puttar* might wanna get down to India and figure this one out, for I sure as hell can't.

According to Press Trust of India and a recent article in the Swedish news paper Dagens Nyheter, a woman, Bimbala Das aged 30, fell in love with a snake, and married him.

Well I know it's hard to find a decent bloke out there, but come on?

2000 wedding guests. A bride in a beautiful silk saari. A King Cobra that refuses to come out of the ant hill that is his home, to partake in his own wedding. Maybe he had cold ssssskin? Instead a brass statue was placed before the bride, representing the love of her life.

-Even if snakes don't talk we can communicate in a special way, Bimb(o)la Das claims.

The bride in question has now moved into a hutt next to the ant hill. I am guessing she is living with her in-laws in traditional Desi style. Mama in-law, a cobra. I will leave you to ponder over that last allegory.

I wonder, was it love at first ssssssssssight?

* Puttar is punjabi for son

The picture is of India's first female snake charmer, Imrana Mukhtar.


black feline said...

It's more like Love at first bite!!!!!!!! it's scary stuff.

MJ said...

I. Hate. Snakes.


She married a SNAKE!!! I'm going to have nightmares about this...

Diligent Candy said...


Boo! said...

I wonder if she's talked (or rather, communicated) to him about having children...

The thought about mommy-in-law being a cobra... I dont even know what to say to that. Maybe cobras make better mothers-in-law then humans ;)

BuJ said...

hey when did u write this? very quick yaar!

i liked the way you said ssssssnake, sssssight etc.. :)

swedish newspapers do report weird stuff ey?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hey Feline :) lol I know!

Well MJ, good thing you don't live in India and your name ain't Bimbala!

Lol boo! arrray!! well family planning will not be necessery.

Hey Buj, how's it going? You have been pretty absent yourself. You back home? Yeah swedish newspapers do tend to at times report very strange things and they often come from India...I wonder why?
sssseeee you sssssooonn lol

Anonymous said...

hey Shaykhspeara!

Funny article indeed and wierd to the max.

by the way puttar means son in punjabi ;-)

An Admirer

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hey Anon. Thank you for correcting me. I was told it is used in the sense of "darling", like jaan is used.

Good to know :)

BuJ said...

hey SS.. i'm home for a short trip... so much to do in so little time..

i want my own secret admirer too!!! where did u get it from? perhaps i can have it at my blog too :)
preferably a different S.A.

kaya said...

kinky!!! :D

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Buj enjoy your stay :) hope you have a great time there.

Well why don't you ask the secret admirer who she/he is? I'd like to know..or maybe not? hmmm

Kaya, what's kinky is the feet picture you got on there lol!

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