July 13, 2006

All in a day's work

July 12th: The Lebanese group Hezbollah kill 8 Israeli soldiers and kidnap 2, during a border raid. Israel responds with a ground and air-attack on southern Lebanon. They also bombed the runways of Beirut's airport stranding 2000 Swedish citizens in Lebanon, unable to leave the country by plane. The raids have so far killed 50 civilians in Lebanon. 50 Israeli attacks have taken place so far. Israel continues with an attack on Gaza, where its target was a group of Hamas leaders. The leaders survived and instead a Palestinian civilian family of 7 were killed.

An Israeli woman was killed today (the first Israeli civilian in this recent conflict) in Naharia, Israel, as a result of Hezbollah firing missiles at the city.

I am tired of violence, and of all the "H's" of the mid-east. Violence is not the solution. I am tired of reading about violence next to the word Islam. About Hizb'Allah, killings in the name of Allah. Sickening. I am tired of biasness, I am tired of injustice from both sides. I am tired of how when we hear about such events we take sides based on faith and not on knowledge, truth and human dignity.

"Laqad karramna Bani Adam"

"And we have honored the sons of Adam"
- The Koran, Chapter 17 Verse 70

Where is the honor? Sons of Adam is an Arabic term (Bani Adam) synonym to the term "the human race". It does not say Sons of Adam who are Muslim. Or Palestinian. Or Jewish.

Today the European Union condemned the excessive use of violence from the Israeli Government's side. Once again, defend yourself by all means, with that which is justified, with that which is just, with that which spares human lives. You are a government. Don't act like the very groups you criticize and call terrorist, when in fact they first targeted military posts where as you target civilians.

Where is the logic in all of this that is taking place in front of the world, yet in its shadow?

How is it alright to kill civilians, because of the death of soldiers? Soldiers fight soldiers. Soldiers fight aggressors. Soldiers don't fight unarmed civilians.

Defend yourself by all means, but from whom? The family of 7? The 50 civilians of Lebanon (and still counting)?

If one is being attacked one has the right to defend oneself, no doubt. But within reason? Not ruthlessly spraying bombs of defense hither and thither.

All is fair where there is no love, only war.


EXSENO said...

Thank you so much for welcoming me as you so graciously did. I intended to come back sooner but lost your blog as I found it, quite by accident. Found you once again the same way.

First let me say that I agree with everything that you have said. I was born and raised in America but that doesn't mean that I voted for or approve of the current President or what some of the the soldiers have done. They have shamed us all.
War is always a terrible thing and I fear it greatly.
I Thought that over time humans were suppose to evolve into a higher state of intelligence. Instead I fear we are reverting back to barbarism. I am so ashamed.
Not all Americans are like this.
To answer your questions from way back,yes I am of Greek descent.
May friend blogger Shirazi lives in Pakistan. Have a look,
He is a very nice, very well educated man.

Tainted Female said...

'Where is the honour? Sons of Adam is an arabic term (bani Adam) synonym to the term "the human race". It does not say Sons of Adam who are Muslim. Or Palestinian. Or Jewish.'

SS, you've said it best with these few lines alone. It's so sad. And so many of us are so sick of it all.

I can't bring myself to even write about this topic, because it gets so far under my skin I go nuts and start obsessing.

Too many innocent people; too much violence and too many hypocrites involved.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Exseno, I'm glad you found your way back here :)

Indeed it's frustrating to be living under a Government that doesn't represent ones ideas yet one is blamed for them.

I think there is a need for a grassroot campaign led by people all over the world who feel they are misrepresented, where an alternative opinion is presented.

As long as we base our human relationships on gender, race, religion instead of on the very basis of human dignity, equal human value, we will always livein times of war and autrocity.

Tainted, I understand what you mean, I avoid writing about the topic because often I feel it does more harm than good, also because `i feel we never have all facts, nor accurate reportings from both sides. But sometimes one just cannot keep quiet, and something has to be said, if only for the sake of the war child who is wondering why no one is saying anything. Words are the least we can do.

EXSENO said...

In my short time of blogging I have found that if I want the facts sometimes it is better to talk directly to the people then to read the news.
I have found many wonderful, kind and friendly people everywhere in the world that are honest and willing to share their stories. I ask the ones I know and trust if I want to know something about their country. I find if I ask politely they will answer the same.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I agree exseno. And many have argued that blogging and bloggers will replace major newspapers when it comes to finding out the truth about an event. A lot os pointing towards that, BBC has recognized the status and influence of bloggers as well by using the blogging world to find people and voices for their programs.

I am glad to hear about your approach. It is very encouraging :)

misneach said...

I agree with the last couple of comments, I checked CNN earlier for their coverage and they did not mention any Lebanese civilian deaths, on the deaths of 2 Israeli civilians.

Tainted is spot on in her highlighting of that particular passage. Human life is human life, and there's something really wrong when people can convince themselves that one life is worth more than another, or that life is worth nothing at all.

Umar said...

Hey, who cares if they blow themselves up? As long as it doesn't effect us at the gas pumps, who cares?

black feline said...

It's a vicious cycle...rather sad! after a while...i try to shut off..sick of the whole thing!

kaya said...

Okay Im not saying anything about this issue as I CANT BE EFFALL BUGGERED!
More interesting for you is this
Rupert street off Shaftsbury avenue


Destitute Rebel said...

No blogging for quite a few days, busy or just dont have anything to write, if its the latter you have been tagged.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Misneach, welcome :)
Indeed it is a travesty that we cannot see human life for what it is, indiscriminately.

Umar, a very "Syriana" comment indeed. It is unfortunately true what you say...

Hey Black F, I know how you feel. There is a limit to the amount of injustice and hypocricy one can handle.

Kaya, Ah I just got back from the UK..hmm wish I got your tip earlier. Next time...

D reb, been busy and travelling, am back now so hopefully some blogging will be done. Will check out that tag of yours!

EXSENO said...

I am so glad that I found this site everyone here seems to be in agreement. So we all agree war solves nothing but to prove who the biggest bully is.

Then why can't we the common people from all around the world ban together to fight with words and voice our opinion and write blogs and letters and spread the word. Is there not some way to do this. To say outright this is our world and we do not want a world war 3. Because that is where it looks like we are headed. Can we not stand up and be counted? Is it impossible? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

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