July 23, 2006

Stockholm Peace Demonstration

Several peace demonstrations were held throughout Sweden on Saturday July 22nd, condemning the Israeli Government's violent and ruthless killings and injuring of hundreds of civilians in Lebanon and Gaza as a result of Hezbollah kidnapping 2 Israeli soldiers and killing 8 and continuing to fire rockets at the Israeli northern city of Haifa killing and injuring Israeli civilians.

Picture courtesy of www.metro.se and Scanpix.


kaya said...

Its tragic. I steer clear of the whole poilitical scene. You can burn your blood but you can't do any thing. The men who have the strings in their hands are too big.

uae alias said...

Have you been feeling sick of what's going on lately in Palestine, Iraq and now Lebanon? Do you feel like shouting? saying no? having a say on what is happening in Lebanon?
Yes! We are going to protest in the Cornish of AbuDahbi on THU, 27 of JUL, 2006 after AL Asr Prayer.
Make sure to bring your own signs, flags, posters, brochures, etc...
Make sure to let as many of your friends aware of this event, the more the better.
هل سئمت مما يحدث مؤخراً في العراق وفلسطين والآن لبنان؟ هل تريد أن تصرخ؟ أن تقول لا، أن يكون لك كلمة وصوت مسموع عن ما يحدث في لبنان؟
نعم ! سنتظاهر في كورنيش أبوظبي، يوم الخميس الموافق ال 27 من يوليو 2006 بعد صلاة العصر.
تأكد من إحضار أي من الأعلام أو اللافتات التي قد تود استخدامها، ومن إعلام أكبر عدد من معارفك اللذين قد يودون الاشتراك في المظاهرة.

BuJ said...

Very very impressive ya UAE Alias!

Thanks for publicising this and bless those that do good things!

Hope the police don't act stupid and use the stupid law "demonstration not allowed in kantry"

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I know that feeling of helplessness Kaya.

UAE alias, ahla wo sahla. What a great initiative and thank you for informing me. I cannot make it unfortunately, am off to Bosnia. All the best to you.

BuJ said...

may I add that this is probably the first time that a lebanese and palestinian flag has been held in a demonstration!

the closest I've seen the flags is about the 300 m or so between the palestinian and lebanese consulates in bur dubai!

Anonymous said...

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