July 09, 2006

Shaykhspeara in Gotland

On a little Focker plane flying by the coast of the Swedish island Gotland

Fårö, an island part of Gotland lying in the north.

The main attraction at Fårö, apart from the beautiful beaches, are Raukar, stone monuments. This one in particular looks like a man pulling out his lower lip.

Rute Kyrka, a church (one of 90 all over Gotland) I found on the side of the road to Fårö. According to a local woman I met at the cemetary, most of the churches in Gotland were built between the 11- and 1300's. In this particular one, her grandfather (she herself was hitting 60) had made a boat that was hanging from the ceiling in the church, symbolising the belief that when one dies one sails away.

You all know me by now, a visit to a cemetary is a must and had I not entered it, I would not have met that charming local Gotlander.

Lummelunda, a small town hosting the largest cave in Gotland, discovered in the 1940's by three boys.

A flow stone inside Lummelunda cave. It was so cold in there, nearly 8 C.

On an island one must have fish soup with creamy aioli! Ironically enough most of the fish surrounding Gotland is dangerous to eat because of all industrial pollution coming from Europe.

A typical street in the island's capital, Visby.

The ocean in the horizon, and a cathedral nearly a thousand years old in Visby Town Square. Damaged in the 1500's after an attack.


Destitute Rebel said...

beautiful pictures, seems like an amazing place.

BuJ said...

wow... i really wanna go there!
actually after seeing all these pics it's as if i was there :)

thnx for sharing.

Samawel said...

I've heard of that island, I never expected it to be such a cool-looking place... Now, you got it into my list of places to travel to. :D

Tainted Female said...

What a charming little place this seems to be (deadly polluted fish aside, of course)...

I wanna GO!

kaya said...

BELLISIMA! wah wah!

nzm said...


I wanna go too!

BuJ said...

actually it's a Fokker plane... hehe.. couldn't resist but correcting :)

Boo! said...


kaya said...

Oii Buj wassa matta u eh? Wassa difference itsa make-a. Focker fokker issa all da the same thing.

BuJ said...

wassa matta? what's that kaya?
i know dewa mata, but that's in japanese :P

focker is the name of ben stiller in that movie.. but fokker is da plane!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

D Reb it definitely is the place to go, and I know you are looking for an island, plenty to be found empty around Gotland.

Buj, my pleasure. Wassa matta= what's the matter. :) Kaya is being funny. ain't that right?

Samawel does that mean i'll bump into you next year in Gotland? :)

Tainted I reckon you join Samawel and the rest of the blogger crew and organize a roadtrip to Gotland. what do you say? lol

Kaya jaan, yeh to bohot bellissima hai. lol Kya aap sunn sakti hai, meri music? Ladysmith Black Mambazo? Dousra ghana hai.

Is it possible NZM, after so many travels to find little cute Gotland amazing? :) Well I guess every place is its on version of amazing, no matter how many places one has seen, you know? How are y'all doing?

Boo perhaps you can go there for the honey moon?

Buj are you still there, commenting on my language? lol You are my designated (by self) english teacher.

kaya said...

NOPE gaana aya na aye thnaday paani say nahaan chahiye.
No,I am not getting any music for some odd reason.
Mr.Designated English Teacher(by self) iss to bad u donna spikka any italiano.

Samawel said...

I'd love to go there next year. I might not be able to, but soon enough I will be.

Diligent Candy said...

Amazing pictures...really nice!!!

Fokker planes...my good GOD! On the trip to London we were on a Fokker 50, I died! Every time I got up I felt the plane tilted. How did u manage?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Kaya, yeh to ajeeb hai... it should be working...the Stickam that I have put on the page...ah well I guess I will have to send you the song.

Well, see you next year then Samawel!

Well D Candy, I just never got up in the plane lol actually it was just a 30 minute ride so it was quite pleasant although slightly wobbly. How are you holding up over in Tulip land?

Anonymous said...

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