July 22, 2006

New Poll: Israeli Retaliation/Poll Result: Jeans

The world's first pair of jeans were made of hemp. 61% of voters knew that. And I am sure no googling or wikiing was done...ahem ahem.

Do vote in my next poll: "Is Israel's military response to Hezbollah's killing of 8 and kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers disproportionate?"


nzm said...

Do I detect some template tampering going on at the Al-Baal blogsite?


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Weeeelllll, a tad bit... lol
Feedback is always welcome. Good, bad, ugly...lol

EXSENO said...

Oh me, Oh my, what a poll. I hope not to offend anyone, and I'm truly not even sure what/who Hesbollah is. And yes it is diprortionate. However who cast the first stone. They had to have known that Israel would retaliate with a vengeance. They have never been affraid of war. They are tough little boogers and unfortunetly, I don't think they will back down.

I am not saying that I think this whole thing is right because I don't agree with war for any reason. There is always a better way then war.
I'm just saying that is what I think has happened here and if I have offended anyone, I appologize.

Was Hezbollah trying to cause a war?? I don't know what do the rest of you think?

EXSENO said...

Sorry I meant 'disproportionate'.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I know what you mean Exseno.

No matter what Hezbollah was trying to do, it did not have the whole Lebanese people's awareness or backing of what it was doing, let alone teh government's. Yet they (civilians) are the ones having to pay for it, not Hezbollah.

Hezbollah and the likes of them are an enourmous source of hate and violence. They are listed as terrorist. Yet look at what Israel has been doing as a government. It is not defendable, even the EU and UN have riticised the excessive use of violence. It should not be a retaliation of bombing Lebanon to pieces and killing hundreds of innocent civilians who did not wish war on Israel, yet managed to get war thrown at them.

Mise said...

I remember having a fight with my next door neighbour. We were on our bikes and somehow he crashed into me. So, I pushed him (a little bit), he responded with a full-force punch in the face. After I'd recovered, I was highly indignant. 'I hardly touched you', I wailed. 'You hit me first', he smugly replied. We weren't so neighbourly after that.

EXSENO said...

Maybe I said it wrong, I agree with you. It's a terrible thing. The people should not have to suffer. Yet it is the common people that always suffer. Inoccent children and adults are being killed needlessly .

I'm just wondering if this terrorist group, this Hezbollah thought they could do this a get away with it or if they were trying to cause a war between these two countries for what ever the reason.

I don't understand terrorist. I have trouble comprehending what their purpose is. I can never tell if they are for one side or the other. When ever I see terrorist come in they seem to be like the trouble maker in the neighborhood. They show up cause trouble and leave it to the other two to fight. I can never understand if they do it on their own or if there is a country behind what they do? It is so insane.

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