November 25, 2006

Deadly Beauty

What do you all see? Green, lush beauty?
Think again. It is all covered in mines by the Serbs during the war in Bosnia.
This is the only road to the top of this beautiful mountain outside Sarajevo and it is not covered in mines. Anything beyond this road is mine infested. On my trip to Bosnia last summer I spent a week on this mountain gazing at untouchable beauty.

And yesterday Bosnian and British mine disposal experts got their feet blown off in Lebanon, by Israeli mines from the recent conflict.

In 1997, an agreement was signed by 151 States not to use or store landmines. However 40 countries, among them Israel, America and China, did not sign it.

"U.N. experts say up to 1 million cluster bombs dropped by Israeli aircraft during the July-August war against Hezbollah remain unexploded in south Lebanon, where they continue to threaten civilians. At least 24 people have died in cluster bomb explosions since the war ended."

-International Herald Tribune
-Svt (Swedish Television)


Destitute Rebel said...

Its a shame such a beautiful place is covered with mines, and people get hurt or killed because of mines deployed by armies and not removed. Its ironic how fast we are willing to destroy and how slow we are in building and clearing.

EXSENO said...

Such a beautiful place,what a shame that it can no longer be enjoyed.
Somehow this kind of thing should be banned completely. It seems to me that from what I have heard in the past more innocent people are killed by these cluster bombs then annyone else. Many times innocent children.
I say ban the cluster bombs completely. Or to say the least make the ones who put them their responsible for the clean up. Of course I'm wishing, it will probably never happen.

DG said...

How can humans be so cruel to their fellow human beings? :-(

And then the countries responsible for producing these weapons preach "human rights". This world is really a strange place. If you don't buy weapons from me & try to produce yourself, you are a terrorist state. But you are a good ally if you buy these weapons from me & then use it on your neighbors.

Why do the humans forget that they will not live forever & that they will one day face their Creator & that they will be held accountable for each & every action. May Allah guide all of us to His right path.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Exseno the place is breathtaking...and breathtaking literally too... is it not ironic.

151 states forbade the use of these terrible weapons which is a positive sign..but 40 states...among them those that use them most have not...

DG, when people's rahma dies...then there is no regard for anything or anyone.