November 27, 2006

Is you is or is you ain't?

Most of us grew up watching Tom & Jerry. One episode in particular, Solid Serenade (1946), has stayed in many people's minds. Tom plays and sings the old 1940's classic "Is you is" by Louis Jordan.

Watch it here.

Epidose Updates:
Tom & Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl (episode appears after 1 h 34 min featuring Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss Jr.)
The Cat Concerto feat. Hungarian Rhapsody no 2.
Mouse in Manhattan.

Picture courtesy of the ultimate fan site Tom & Jerry Online.


Destitute Rebel said...

I don't know how you find this stuff, certainly brings back fond memories. Haven't had the time to watch Tom and Jerry lately, but was still watching them in college about 4 years ago. They are certainly evergreen like your blog. Keep digging so we can continue to be lazy and still enjoy it all.

A world of Symphony said...

'Is you or Is you ain't' :) Great way to start the morning with swing jazz. Thanks.

I also love the one featuring Johann Strauss' 'Die Fledermaus'. The music is super. It'd be great if you could find this one and load it. Thanks :)

Diligent Candy said...

Thanks for sharing this, had a wonderful time watching it. My all-time favourite one is Mouse in Manhattan!

nzm said...


I grew up in Fiji where we had no TV stations, so our Tom & Jerry experiences were cartoons on the big screen before the main feature.

Those were the days of full-blown entertainment at the movies - 3 or 4 cartoons, then the movie, an interval to stock up on food supplies and then the second half.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

DReb I was listening to music when I all of a sudden remembered this particular episode and did a swift google search :)

AWOS, I know which epiose you mean I'll see what I can do :) The piano concerto one is also fabulous! I think they won an oscar for that one.

DCandy, do we have a special request? lol I might have to do a Tom & Jerry post special. :)

NZM, what a life of contrasts. Fiji-Dubai. It's amazing how no matter where you have lived in the world and under what circumstances, Tom & Jerry unites us all. I say the UN should make them their mascots! lol

khanana said...

UN's mascot ?? :P
nowonder it would be a true rep...

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

DCandy and AWOS, the episodes have been added. Enjoy!

A world of Symphony said...

SS: Thanks :) You're a Gem :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Anytime :)

Soona said...

Oh my God! How did you find it?! Hihi you brought back my childhood ;)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...