November 08, 2006

Hall of Philosophers

On a quest for knowledge and truth in life
faced with ourselves in moments of strife
Blue is the shade that colours our eyes
while gazing at rain that pours from the skies
In a Hall of Philosophers to make us wise
we learn that some truths come at a price
We pay with our days we pay with our light
diminshing slowly as we're approaching the night


Destitute Rebel said...

Beautifully written as always, the words are full of emotion and explain wonderfully how truths of life effect us. But sometimes don't you think the truths of life that we seek are worth the price, we don't always have to to pay with our days and our light, and the night the comes for that payment could be a full moon shining even more brightly to take us forward, to guide us on the path that we seek.

Reading your works inspires me to ask the following.

When you sit down to write what you must!
What whim impels the whirlpool of your mind?
A simple word to chisel or refine,
A fleeting thought to feelingly define,
Some issue facing mankind,
A mystery or thing divine,
Maybe a simple truth that shines,
Perhaps a cup of the lovers wine,
A laugh, a tear a bitter auld langsyne,
What makes you pan your Gold from dust?

kaya said...

my turn !my turn!
ooh baabaay baabay how was I supposed to know
Hit me Baaabay one more time.... (Baccha ,mujhay aur ek daffa THAPPAR MAARO)
okay you 2 items. Too much fecking Biryaani at the shaadi, or too much ladoos?
Suddhar jao. Abh bhi WAQT hai.

nzm said...

OMG - Kaya, get back on your meds!

SS and DR - you are too good!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

D rebel, You are the poet with a capital P. wah wah wah. Do you want a reply with rhyme as well? lol

Kaya jaan, kya bakwaas baat hai? Yaar maine to sirf shaadi mein kheer aur zarda khaliya.

Nzm lol I think the medecines are the problem!

Umar said...

I think Ibn Rushd, or some other Arab scholar was in that painting.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well he would have gone under his latin name, Averroes. I am sure one can look up who was in it. We can see Socrates in the green robe though.

EXSENO said...

Awesome. I love to come here! Wonderful poetry,always acommpanied by lovely music and good people. what more could anyone ask for.

Mohamed said...

I wonder... where will the story end?
what is the price for the Final wisdom? Will the night fall on us?

archer14 said...

I bow down to you...briliant!
Interestingly, I can relate to what you've written...

kaya said...

@ NZM and SS
(Pops 7 tabs into her mouth!)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Exseno your comments are always heartwarming. Thank you :)

Mohamed, perhaps you can write the ending?

arch, good to have you here munda jee. Don't hurt your back, ok? lol

Kaya jaan, araam kar...

clayfuture said...

ummm... Lemme try!

Fresh milk gives me gas
My coffee mug is red
I'm getting pockmarks on my ass
From this spring mattress on my bed

Any good? :D

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Clay F, wah wah bohot aala. Now do a punjabi remix of it and let's hear it!