November 28, 2006

Sweet Racism

The new face of racism has arrived and it's colour is Prussian Blue. The American twin sisters Lynx and Lamb Gaede (yes those are actual names), are part of the up and coming band Prussian Blue whose idol is none other than Adolf Hitler.

The name comes from the colour that the gas used during the Holocaust would leave; prussian blue. Holocaust Deniers claim the gas chambers had no blue colour in them. The band needless to say, has the backing of every racist and anti-semite in the States not to mention their manager who is none other than April Gaede, their neo-Nazi supporting mother.

The Gaede family has a blog up with pictures from their ranch. Here is one particularly disturbing picture of how they brand their animals with the nazi symbol. She writes:

"By wearing a Hakenkreuz or "hooked cross" the cattle avoid the cruel and abusive Kosher slaughter houses."

The music sounds like any other american teen pop band, if you don't know the story behind. Here's their song When I'm with you.

Somehow these blonde twin sisters and their family, are a more disturbing phenomena than Bin Laden himself.


A world of Symphony said...

'Today, if you are White, and proud to be White, it is considered Politically Incorrect by the media. The music that Prussian Blue performs is intended for White people.'

Seriously, whoever wrote this on their home page needs to get a reality check. Looks like these people don't realize that music is not linked to black, white or brown.

Baraka said...


This is messed up.

It's so sad how so many parents twist and warp their children.


Sophia said...

I am wondering why aren't they under the scrutiny of the ADL as encouraging anti-semitism ? They have money, they can pay. Or is the ADL only interested by the anti-semitism that can carry with it political gains for Israel ?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

AWOS, the problem is, people like this exist everywherein the world. And another Holocaust on other peoples is not impossible. Imagine the US army is filled with people like this? Imagine what they do with people in countries where "whites" do not roam?

Baraka, the children are being abused no doubt about it...very very sickening.

To be honest Sophia, I really don't know. But one should certainly watch out for forces like that. These are people who would gladly watch a black person, jew or muslim die.

Borat managed to get some stuff out of people with similar thoughts when he was in the US making his movie.

Soona said...

How sick can people get these days?!

Today they say their idol is Hitler, tomorrow Milosovic, and what next? Just the thought of their album reaching thousands of youth is scary...

digital nomad said...

That is really disturbing, taking white supremacy mainstream thru pop music. Not only are they abusing their own kids, they are planning on abusing everybody else's as well. Its worrying, sitting here in the States, as a non-white person.

Wil Robinson said...

More disturbing than bin Laden, yes.

But not capable of instilling fear and driving the public into a mass hysteria so that control and power can be effectively wrested away from the body politic without anyone noticing like bin Laden's face can.

And, once again, where is the "liberal media" reporting this story?

P.S. - thankfully they have little musical talent.

DG said...

Whats wrong with people? People are doing strange things just to attract fame & money. It is disgusting !!

They say that Islamic education system produces "terrorists" but what is the production of the conventional education system?

nzm said...

dg: I doubt that these sisters are the product of a conventional education system. Neo-nazism isn't a part of that.

This is sick and disturbing. It makes me feel the same way as I did when I learned that members of a new-age church in NZ were running for parliament, and if they won, they were going to instill their values on the NZ public. Thankfully they didn't win.

Sadly, these sisters will get a lot of publicity for this and promote the badness far beyond the level of attention that it should receive.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

soona In parts of serbia Milosevic is an idol. That is what is so disturbing with mankind. Our ability to decieve and be decieved.

D NomadI see what you mean. Have you ever come across anything of this sort in real everyday life?

DGIt is hardly islamic education that will foster terrorism, rather those who teach it. And I doubt conventional education is the culprit here. This is a case of two girls with a mother who is a neo nazi. At the end of the day our mothers and fathers influence our life.

NZMOut of curiosity, what were the new age church's values?

I contemplated whether to blog about them or not. Create awareness or increase their publicity? But I doubt I have the power to do the latter and perhaps more to do the former :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Wil Robinson Yes those sugar top faces and smiiles could hardly instill fear in anyone. Which is yet again, the more disturbing aspect of it all.

Well Britney Spears has little muscial talent and that did not stop the world from embracing her.

Where's the liberal media? Well, you are looking at it. It is all of us.

Samawel said...

That's extremely disturbing. It's equally disturbing when you see a bunch of Arab kids and adults hailing Hitler as a "great man"... And it's quite difficult to explain that since we're not "aryans" him and his (neo)Nazis would come after us just like they went after the Jews, Romas, Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals and the rest of the peoples that the Nazis went after.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Very true Samawel. I wonder how many of them actually realise who Hitler was and exactly what he did?

If they like him from an anti-Israel point of view, well then they forget that Israel was pretty much formed because of him.

A sad sad bunch.

digital nomad said...

You know, I have been very fortunate to not see this kind of thing in real life, on the street, as it were. The worst I have ever gotten was "You don't have to dress like that anymore" and very rarely do we get the outright "Go back to where you came from!" But the absolute expression of white supremacy is rather rare in my part of the States (CA), which is ironically where this family is from. :S

Anonymous said...


I wonder if you truly know anything about Hitler other then the propaganda that is normally spread. Hitler did many things, some good and some bad. The holohoax is just that. A HOAX and anyone with an internet connection can prove that in one night. Try looking at some of the real facts like those done in videos on youtube. A good way to go though like is question everything and you will never fall victim to anything.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

anonymous, what more do I need to know?

There are videos, tapes, pictures, texts proving that autrocities were comitted against Jews, homosexuals, Roma peoples etc.

There are survivor stories.

There are non jews who lived through it to tell the story in many different countries.

No one is all bad, and I am sure even Hitler had his good sides. But unfortunately his bad outweighs the good and wishing for the death of another human being based on race or religion or handicap is not something that can be acceptable.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

D Nomad, that is quite ironic. But apparently they left California because it wasn't white enough. May God give them love for His creation of all creeds and colours.

zee said...


i dont flippant believe this! for real???

how? why? i cant understand it...i mean why would a mother want to expose her daughters to her own form of bigotry?????

its a sad sad world we living in :(

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

The same reason all parents teach their kids what they know and believe. For her this is a life truth. Tragic.