March 18, 2007

Children of Abraham

A new online project has started which is mighty exciting involving youth from Damascus, Paris, Marrakech, London, Teheran, New York, Jakarta, Montreal, The UAE and more:

"Children of Abraham seeks to build an international community of Muslim and Jewish youth that celebrates their religious identities. Through an engaging project involving a photographic exploration of Jewish and Muslim communities around the world..."

It's really a fabulous idea, using photography to build bridges. Kind of like what we have been doing on Global Themes. Check out some amazing pictures from The Children of Abraham's photo gallery.


Mohamed said...

Yes, I am familiar with those guys. They do quite a good job, and I am most impressed by their emphasis on cross-religious spiritual development. They have middle and high school kids from Muslim and Jewish schools visit each other's schools and places of worship.
And the kids learn what everyone in the world should always keep in mind: what we share is so much larger than what separates us...
Thanks for the post, SS :)

serenden said...

Hi there, thanks for sharing the site - I linked to your blog (and Children of Abraham). It does sound like a brilliant path towards a dedicated outcome.

I also checked out your "Global Themes" blog, and wow. It'll be a new favorite, I know it!

I enjoy reading your posts, and am learning alot in the process. Thanks!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Oh hey do such exchanges as well? I thought it was focusedon an online exchange of photographs alone. Well it is fabulous either way. We have always focused on the differences and defined our relationship with other people on that. The major problem arises when we start placing a value in teh differences, that's when things like genocide seem "normal" in the eyes of those behind it.

Serenden welcome! :)

Thank you for cross posting the article! The more who know the better.

Well I hope you also wish to join us at Global Themes as a contributor. Thank you for the kind encouragement! :)

Optimistic Guard said...

Looks like an amazing project I saw on one of the blogs there is a photo website that has pictures of Jewish and Palestinian people in the same settings another great idea.