March 14, 2007

"I'd like a new cell number..."

-That will be 1,5 million pounds, please.

A buyer in Qatar recently bought the world's most expensive cell number 666 6666. So I guess we can all give him/her a call now that they have publicly announced it to the whole world, Sweden included.

The money did however go to charity, donated by Qatars national phoneoperator Telco Qtel who also arranged the auction.

Previous owners of the world's most expensive number 8888 8888 was Chinese Sichuan Airlines who payed a mere 270 000 pounds for it. Why did they want 8's? Apparently the word for rich in Cantonese resembles that of the word for the number 8.


A world of Symphony said...

I'm game for the call, so long as both Etisalad & Qtel don't charge me. Oh, that also includes that guy/gal who has the 7 times 6 numero :)

Destitute Rebel said...

Wow, thats by far the most expensive faltu thing I've seen, I don't get why people want special numbers and vanity plates and the likes. And they so much for it. Dubai is full of people paying high prices for "good" numbers on their phones and cars. I've seen people complimented for their number, lol.

A world of Symphony said...

Cafe Review: Dolores is just heavenly in this one, isn't she? And she's introduced totally new (synth) sounds to her music, I'll betcha, she's experimenting with a new sound sampler. I could hear horns in the background or could be my over-sensitive ear.

Way to go Dee, you're sounding better as you grow :)

P.S.: I'm addicted to this one, having heard it now for the 5th time. Thanks :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Lol Awos

Dolores is just amazing!!! I have every cd and song safely stored in my mind and heart. You are totally right, those are horns playing and it is the horns that lift the song to another level. You hadn't heard the song before?

D Reb, lol jee bilkul faltu cheez hai.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

By the way AWOS you know which part I love, when she sings "aahh aahh You and me it'll always be..." and the horn plays in the background at the same time...Oh God, I love that

inmotion said...

isn't 666 the number of the devil?

that's like asking for it isn't it?


nzm said...

I think I'll call him and reverse the charges!

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Hello Shaykha,

Ab agar main kahoon key aap kahan hain tau kaisa ho?

I miss the lingo posts, man... and have just discovered that Blogger offers a blogging in Hindi to begin with - let's see which language comes next.

Where's da poetry, Miss?


A world of Symphony said...

This was a single by Dolores, wasn't it? That could be the reason I didn't hear this one before. That apart, I've been out of the (alternative & indie) loop for a while focusing mainly on jazz & classical.

Radha said...

Agree with DR: it is the "most expensive faltu thing" ever :)

Mohamed said...

That's just silly! and having the 'number of the beast' twice doesn't sound like a perfect idea.. (not that anyone in Qatar should care, but still :)

Well, I guess his new number will draw a couple of 'Wow' from his friends, who will ultimately save his number of their phone, and forget that he has this super special number... :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol Inmotion, I reckon it is!

NZM Awos is already on the case lol

Well Farrukh sahib! Salams, long time no "read" lol
Yaar pata kya? The other day I was thinking the same thing. Kaafi der se maine koi lingo post nahi likha. So I reckon I will get cracking on one. Aur shairi, well, aap ne meri Cruella & the Knight in Broken armour shair nahi dekha? lol

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

AWOS, actually it is from the album Bury the Hatchet! Well don't fret my friend, I shall update you on the other side of the music realm :)

lol radha!

Mohamed lol @ the number of the beast!

Well who knows or understands the why's and what were you thinking's of the people with dough?

Diligent Candy said... know it may sound very strange but I know people who would be willing to shell out for the right number ....LOL! But, I wouldn't ...but then if I had like all the money in this world....hmmmm...nay! I still would not...

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

loll Candy!