March 07, 2007

Cruella and The Knight in Broken Armor

A humorous "ode" to the fairy tales we have been brought up on.

Here you come riding back again,
on your limping horse, riding the wrong lane.
"I come with glad tidings", you say, so say?
But there's nothing but hot air blowing my way.

You get off your horse, the poor thing falls,
"I have your glass slipper that you left at the ball",
You must be mistaken, see it doesn't fit me?
besides this is plastic, how cheap can you be?

"I'm a knight in armor here to take you away",
but your armor is broke so now what do you say?
Nothing, there you go giving up again,
on your limping horse, riding the wrong lane.

A hundred years later you decide to return,
You have had many lessons and a chance to learn.
"Let down your hair, I wish to climb your high fort ,"
Oh I'm sorry but last week I cut it short.


Destitute Rebel said...

Lol, This is great work, seeing your poetry after a long time and this one with a spin from the fairy tales we've heard all our lives. Much different from your previous works. Yet conveys a lot of feelings, feeling that tell us that fairy tales are just that, fairy tales, or are they?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Glad you liked it! lol I know it's not really my usual style of work but I was thinking about SHREK and it's also a bit like that isn't it? And I just find it amusing.

goodie girl said...

Ha! This was the most perfect poem I could read today. I loved it! What wit! Do you mind if I plug this poem in my most recent post?


koonj said...

i love it!

kaya said...

Salaams jaani
Just popping round to say hello. will read appreciate on comment on ur poem . Inshallah within 2007.

A world of Symphony said...

SS: Off key here but I can't seem to get Ella started in your media player, do I need a plug-in to enable playback?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hey G Girl! lol I am glad, go ahead and plug it wherever you like!

Salams Koonj! Tabiyyat kesi hai? Hope you and Raihana are better inshallah.

Loll kaya! Within 2007? loll welcome back my dear, it's good to have you here. Comment whenever you like jaani :)

AWOS, I think you need a plug-in? Hope it works?

nzm said...

Clever poem - you don't think highly of princes/knights in shining armour, do you? LOL.

AWoS is right - the Ella song ain't playing. Normally the songs start automatically on your blog, but even pushing Play in this instance isn't starting the song.

Right now I'm listening to Ella and Louis singing Cheek to cheek on Berlin's Jazz radio!

A world of Symphony said...

NZM: Cheek to Cheek, from the JATP sessions? That's a big one featuring the Oscar Peterson Quartet with Oscar himself on Bosendorfer, Herbie Ellis on Guitar, Ray Brown on Bass and Buddy Rich on Drums.

Fabulous tune especially after Ella takes the mike and the gang follow her cheek to cheek - LOL :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lolll NZM! Well I happen to be a big fairy tale fan, Cinderella being the all time favourite. I just had a fit of making fun, and so the object would have to be the yin of the yang, in this case the dear knights in broken armor, because the armor in real life far from shines lol

The song probably doesn't play at your ends cause its an ogg file. I changed songs now, Nina Simone will sing it! lol hopefully you can hear it this time.

Oh I love cheek to cheek!

nzm said...

Louis: that's the one! It's all Ella's song once Louis tells her to take it away!

Sha'ira: Good replacement! I saw Nina live in Wellington when she came to NZ for the Wellington Arts Festival. OMG - it was awesome.

This song is special with a particular memory for me. I was hosting a husband and wife photography team from Cairns, Oz who came over to keynote speak at a conference that I organised. They put awesome slideshows to music and Peter wanted to find this particular song. We trawled through the music shops in Auckland looking for this song which they had to buy a whole CD for to just get it! Long before the days (well, actually it was 2004!) of mp3s online for free! The memories of that afternoon with Peter & Charmaine are brought back to me when I play this song!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

NZM: Are you damn lucky or what! To have seen Nina Simone live! Must have been beyond imagination. This is one of my favourite songs though. Did she perform it at the concert as well?

Sounds like a lovely memory :) It is strange how we forget what we used to be without. It is as if cell phones, free mp3's always existed, it makes one wonder how did one ever go through without them, but, alas one did.

Anonymous said...

Paris je t'aime et Shaykhspeara tu même!!!

nzm said...

Of course - she did this as an encore - we weren't going to let her go until she had played it!

Sometimes I long for days without all this technology. We had a better understanding of being on time and better respect for other people's valuable time.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Fabulous, I would love to hear it live. I hear you on the whole go back to the days without techonology. When I lived in Damascus I had no cell phone, no tv, no computer at home, and no headache, lots of time on my hands and no arm cramps!

Anon, how about a new line now?

palo-girl said...

u wrote that? wow mashallah.

... u kind of just destroyed all memories of my childhood..
i feel my soul in pain.. even fairytales are miserable :P

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol palo girl, ahla wo sahla! Sorry to ruin the childhood memories :) I love fairy tales, and they are so greatly designed to both love and make fun of, in the bestest of ways in the spirit of Shrek :)

Radha said...

That was hilarious! :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I'm glad you appreciate the humor Radha lol