May 03, 2007

Muslims, the new Communists of America

"Deprived of my own freedom, and from my cell in a U.S. prison, I foresee the day when true fraternity and a bond of humanity will overcome the ugliness of exclusiveness, injustice, and occupation. When Palestinians and Israelis live side by side, celebrate their common traditions and heritage and rejoice with the peoples of the world in the spirit of universal peace and understanding."

-Sami Al Arian

He has spent 1533 days in prison and counting, even though the Jury acquitted him of the most serious charges of terrorism filed against him in America. Why?


Destitute Rebel said...

great post Shaira, the answer to a lot of "Whys" is usually in the heads of a few and they don't like to answer such questions, just create them. It is sad what is happening in America and a lot of other places in the world, I look forward to seeing a positive change, the situation is dismal.

Ibn Battuta said...

It is sad, and scary! And one can't speak out, no one cares, they are pacified by their "fear" - a fear that is constructed by the powers that be that are reaping tremendous political and economic benefits! Four years of wasted life, and Al Arian is just one of many languishing in inhuman conditions....

ferramis said...

Are you back from your journey? I saw the docu as well on SVT and its really sad what is happening.

Optimistic Guard said...

The American administration has taken it upon themselves to instill fear in public to wage its war, the basic concept is to win votes by assuring them that if this is not done their life, and liberty as they know it is over, they couldn't find anything but Muslims to blame it all on. So many are suffering because of it.

Prometheus said...

Sigh.. that's Americana for you.

Oh PS: Loved the Dubai pics. Prometheus misses the UAE terribly.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

D reb we can only hope for change but teh fact is, things are getting worse every day. As soon as you get the stamp of terrorist on you, no one will listen to you or believe you. It is an effective weapon indeed.

Ibn Battuta, one of the things the family of AL-Arian were saying was, a lot of muslims in their community and others too wanted to help out by donating funds for the legal costs, but were too scared to do it. The effects of such witch hunting is terrible.

Ferramis, I am back now :) How are you guys holding up?

OG, This case is different because he was a big advocate for the Palestinian cause and peace in the region. Hassan Asad in sweden is similar to him, and he is also being accused of terrorism without proof or a trial being granted to him.

Prometheus, sadly it is.

I'll be posting lots of UAE pics so keep coming and I am sure you will return soon :)

nzm said...


Because when people have their on agenda to follow, all the International laws which they insisted on putting into effect in the first place are ignored.

It's sick.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ain't that the truth NZM.

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