May 08, 2007

Time for a Tag

It has been a long time since I did a tag (and this is by no means a hint to tag me more!) So ClayFuture here it goes:

A - Available or Single
Available for dinner, ice cream, anything that is related to food.

B - Best friend
The greatest blessing in the world. And thankfully I have one.

C - Cake or Pie

E - Essential Item
My glasses

F - Favourite Color

G - Gummi bears or Worms
Gummi bears

H - Home Town
Stockholm & Peshawar

I - Indulgence

J - January or February
February is the most depressing month in Sweden, January anyday! New beginnings.

K - Kids
Yeah, what about them?

L - Life
is a beach and then you dive!

M - Marriage
we'll see :)

N - Number of Siblings

O - Oranges or Apples

P - Phobias, Fears.
Fears: To loose a loved one.

Q - Favourite Quote
If it weren't for hope the hearts would shatter.

R - Reason to Smile
My best friend.

S - Season
Summer, please I just want some damn sunshine!

T - Tag Three People

U - Unknown Fact About Me
I'm a certified diver.

V*W - Worst Habit

X*Y - Your Favourite Foods
Paratha, Dhai balla, anything Pasta, Tsabhe with Injeera (eritrean dish), grandmas pancakes, Fatayer, Zeit wo Zatar etc.

Z - Zodiac


Anonymous said...

mmmmm parathas, but i miss chapali kababs on the streets of peshwar.... of course, i was only there a few weeks many moons ago, chapali kababs and karahi chicken from street vendors create a lifetime memory.... drop me an email, i'm curious to learn more.

nzm said...

Ms SS - diver and diva extraordinaire!! LOL

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Oh Chappli kababs are the best and Peshawar certainly is the place for them. One shold have them with some fresh tandoori roti! What were you doing in Peshawar? It is not exactly a tourist destination :)

NZM, loll u betcha!

Anonymous said...

hah.. peshawari food..
just recalled namak Mandi's excellent tikkas...
kissa khawani bazaar's kahva and famous chapli kababs..

bhook lagadi yaar.. :)