May 22, 2007

Rambo, Apples & Sweden

Ever wondered where Sylvester Stallone's character Rambo got his name?

Me neither... However I stumbled upon some interesting information in correlation to Sweden celebrating the 300 year jubilee of our Botanist, Physician and Zoologist Carl Von Linné (also known as Carolus Linnaeus), the man who organized and gave names to the world's plants, animals and gave us the name of Homo Sapiens.

In 1639, a swedish family living in Ramberga left for America, like a lot of Swedes have done for centuries. With them they brought the seeds of swedish apples. Upon arrival they took the last name of Rambo. Most likely a referral to their original home in Ramberga.

They planted the seeds and the apples were subsequently named Rambo. Carl Von Linnés student, Pehr Kalm travelled to America in the mid 1700's and found the tree and spoke to a descendent of the Rambo family who described the apple as very suitable for the making of cider.

A couple of centuries later in America, the scriptwriter of the movie Rambo was trying to come up with a last name to his character. His wife walks in the door with apples and a bottle of cider made of Rambo apples.

The rest is, unfortunately, history.


nzm said...

Sooooo....instead of being called John Rambo, he could well have ended up being called Johnny Appleseed? Arf, Arf!!! :-)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lolllll nzm where do you get it from! Johnny Appleseed lolll

Prometheus said...

Thank heavens the lady didn't waltz in carrying a bottle of Kilmaranchie. John Rambo would've looked erm.. different if he'd been kilted up.

PS: Score another for the 'behind every successful man is a woman' thinger.

Destitute Rebel said...

Interesting story, who would have known. Lol at Johnny appleseed.

kaya said...

Well done nzm.
That picture of that apple. I tell you its all I can do to stop myself from sinking my teeth into the monitor screen.

(husband absent+craving to bite an apple=dangerouse liasons?)

Anonymous said...

David Morrell, who wrote the Book "First Blood" specifically chose this name from apples provided by his wife. He talks about this happening on the commentary track for one of the releases of "First Blood". He just liked the name and when he heard it it had a ring to it that seemed to fit a "everyman" personna much like "smith" or "Jones" but without the pre-concieved notions.
David Morrell is an accomplished writer (he's written over 30 books now, and was an instructor at the Iowa Creative Writers Workshop, the best writing program in the country), and First Blood the book and the movie have quite a lot of accuracy and tradecraft to them, not to mention at the time of release hit very close to home for many Vietnam vets. Morrell in the book actually kills off John Rambo, because in the book he's much more of a killing machine, less human, and far less likeable as a character.
I felt you needed more facts as the word "screenplay" definately didn't complete this story by any means.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Anon thank you for the explanation and clarification.

Lol Prometheus!

Kaya have as many apples as you like jaani!

Hakim said...

The apple´s name in Swedish is Astrakan. The story of that family was described in an epok of the great writer Moberg.

Anonymous said...

The name is Ramberget, it means the hill of ram (the older name is ravn with is "raven") I live here and it is locating in Hising island, a part of Gothenborg, Göteborg. We still have ravens here, and im not sure but i think, also Ramboaples. It was a great history for me, both the Rambofilm-conection, but also that there is an apple named from my hill


Cheryl said...

My family is descended from Peter Gunnarsson Rambo who sailed to the US in 1639-40. He is the one who brought the seeds from Sweden. He settled in the Philadelphia area, which is also the city in which Stallone's character Rocky lived.

I always assumed they came up with the name 'Rambo' from the time spent filming in Philadelphia.

Here is a link with more info about the original Rambos ...

tlyon00 said...

My family is also descended from Peter Gunnarsson Rambo. I did not, however, know about the connection between my ancestor and the movie. Thank you for sharing.

bigricky said...

Funny you should mention Johnny Appleseed. The real Johnny Appleseed, AKA John Chapman, became famous for growing and giving away RAMBO apple trees and seeds to settlers in the early 1800's from Pennsylvania to the great western frontier prairies of...Indiana!

Anonymous said...

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