March 29, 2006

Peter Sanders

Many years back, at one of the youth conferences in Stockholm I attended, a British Muslim convert and photographer, Peter Sanders, graced us with his presence and photographic achievements.

A man who took photos of The Rolling Stones at one point in his career, only to now travel the Muslim world and capture its essence, its people and its soul.

He recently had an exhibition in Dubai called Salam in The City. The exhibition I saw, In the shade of the tree, had one particular image that stayed with me. And since words often have a tendency to fall short, I shall leave you with the image that to me represents the simple nature of Islam and the relationship between God and mankind.

Man praying in a mosque in Egypt
The word 'Allah' carved on a stone wall

All pictures copyright of Peter Sanders


zee said...

I've never heard of him before. Beautiful pictures. Thanx for sharing.

BuJ said...

me too.. never heard of him but seems like a well accomplished guy with some powerful stuff..

thnx for sharing :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

You're both welcome. :) There's a lot of good stuff out there, will share whenever I see more.

Destitute Rebel said...

The name is familiar but have never seen his work before. Great ictures.

opinionatedinjerzee said...

nice pictures.. like the others i have never heard of him before. thanks for sharing!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Jerzee and D Rebel, do keep checking his site since he tours the world with exhibitions frequently.

Can't believe you never heard anything when he was in Dubai D Rebel. Next time ey?