March 05, 2006

Tic TAG toe

Both Buj and Arabized honoured me with a tag and their tag is my command.

-Four jobs I've had (waaaay back in the day):
1: Food taster (paid to eat new products and give my opinion on them)
2: Telemarketing (paid to talk bakwaas (i.e crap)
3: Hair & face model (paid to let someone comb my hair)
4: Burger maker at Burger King (paid to make burgers, very stimulating)
Only thing left is being paid to sleep, but I am working on it.

-Four movies I could watch over and over:
1: Scarface
2: Life is beautiful (La vita é bella)
3: Godfather I
4: Julius Caesar (with Marlon Brando)

-Four places I've lived in:
1: Peshawar
2: Damascus
3: Stockholm
4: Eskilstuna

-Two TV shows I like:
1: McLeod's Daughters
2: Prison Break

-Four places I've been to on holiday:
1: Dublin
2: Rome
3: Petra, Jordan
4: Cairo

-Four favorite dishes (what do you mean only four?):
1: Lasagna
2: Fatteh
3: Warak 3enab
4: Kabseh
5: Pancakes with whipped cream and fresh strawberries
6: Bruschetta with Mozarella, tomato and basil
7: The pizza made at Da Bafetto in Rome
8: Samosa (Pakistani style of course)
9: Tsabhe with Injeera (Eritrean foods)
10: Samboosa (Somali style)
11: Sushi (salmon and avocado)
12: Tabbouleh
13: Manaeesh with zeit wo zatar
14: Sammoun bi jibne wo banadora
That will do for this time.

-Four sites I visit frequently:

-Four books I've read:
1: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
2: Very Good, Jeeves by P.G Wodehouse
3: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
4: Ihya 3oloum ad-deen by Al-Ghazali

-Four (as if) bloggers that will be tagged with this:
1: Destitute Rebel
2: DaveNC
3: Human before Jewish
4: Farrukh
5: Kaya
6: Dilligent Candy
7: MD


BuJ said...

yummy bruschetta
might i add that the correct mozzarella is buffalo mozzarella with this type of bread :)
interesting lists!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Yes you may add that! And you may also cook it up for me and send it over asap! (with buffalo mozarella taba3an)

Some people actually make the bruschetta with dry basil...that's just not the same. Has to be a whole fresh leaf. Going to the kitchen now...

MD said...

lol okkkkk my turn :P lemme go to my blog now and answer u :P

TwinTopaz said...

ahem..hello shakes

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...


Destitute Rebel said...

first tag from anyone on blogger - it's kind of fun - iv answered and tagged a few more helpless souls

HumanBeforeJewish said...

dunno what a tag is, but it sounds like fun. shayk, uve led a colorful life thus far and in the jewish tradition, i vant to vish u menny, menny helty end colorfuhl yeahs on dis oith. seriously, keep on making life interesting. you'll have all the time to rest when ure pushing daisies (and your done with hell, if youre goin there for a stint).

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Wecome HBJ :) Well basically you copy and paste my tag, and fill in the answers to the questions, and then at the end you choose four people you wish to tag with the same questions. I guess the idea is to get to know each other a bit better. :)

Well thank you for your well wishes! With regards to hell, I am hoping that the buss is full with no room for me lol

HumanBeforeJewish said...

Dunno where i'm supposed to post this, so i'm posting it here.

-Four jobs I've had (waaaay back in the day):
1: lifeguard at the pool in camp(hadto beat the shit out of one camper for faking a diving injury and nearly scaring all of us to our own deaths)
2: Psychologist (come to think of it, that's a constant in my life what with me being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee, employer)
3: Secretary (hadto cold call school and government agencies all over the country for bids on a certain janitorial item)
4:Patient (comes with the territory of being a mother, especially during the 9 months preceding motherhood status)

-Four movies I could watch over and over:
1: Bridges of Madison County
2: Pretty Woman
3: Life is Beautiful (thanks Shayk for reminding me about this gem)
4: Home movies, especially the ones featuring my kids.
-Four places I've lived in
1: South Beach (where everything goes and everyone cums)
2: Brooklyn (a/k/a CROOKlyn)
3: Manhattan (the ultimate apple)
4: New Hampshire

-Two TV shows I like:
1: Jeapordy
2: Will & Grace, Everyone Loves Raymond, and when it was still alive, Mad About You, and The Golden Girls

-Four places I've been to on holiday:
1: Poland
2: Hungary
3: Orlando
4: Connecticut

-Four favorite dishes
1: Dairy potato soup
2: eggplant parmesian
3: most chinese dishes that do not include fish
4: fresh challah on friday night

-Four sites I visit frequently:
1: (to check my mail)
2: check my blog and other blogs too)
3: (free online music whenever i want, whichever genre i want)
4: (greatest videos ever)
5: (greatest gags ever)

-Four books I've read:
1: All Ayn Rand books
2: All George Burns books
3: All James B Parker books (that guy has cornered the market on dry humor)
4: All Hanoch Teller and Yechiel Spero books.

-Four bloggers that will be tagged with this:
1: DavidofLakewood
2: Fluffyer
3: Chaverah
4: InAnOceanAlone

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