March 21, 2006

Poll Result: Danish Cartoons

It is interesting, although this poll does not really give an indication either way, how close the numbers are on Islamophobia and Freedom of Speech. Although a majority felt the publication was inciting towards a religious group, it seems that Freedom of Speech in this case has been equally understood as being Islamophobia. Two very different takes on the matter.

A poll with the title "Should an Australian newspaper publish the Prophet Mohammad cartoon?" was conducted on Australian National Nine News website, and the outcome really interested me if not baffled me.

A whole 96% of the voters answered No. (It should be added that the total number of people who participated in the poll was 243 354). A mere 4% said Yes.

I ask myself, what can be derived from this? Are the Aussies more understanding? Tolerant? Or are they scared of the possible aftermath? In that case, has Freedom of Speech become threatened? Or is it simply so that they have a different understanding of what Freedom of Speech is?

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Destitute Rebel said...

My take on the issue is that now the issue is not about understanding, tolerance or freedom of speech. The world saw how peoples sentiments were affected by the cartoons and many realized probably that it would not be wise to do something of that sort again, people in general want to avoid conflict as much as they can so probably they dont want any more controvercy. In a way you could say that the reacton to the cartoon controvercy has effected freedom of speech.

Balushi said...

Give me Balushi the Freedom of Speach to say whatever I like!

I GURRANTEE YOU! The West will criminalise the words "Freedom of Speach"


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Balushi, you sure you wanna place your bet so low?

Anyways, in order for you to make the west criminalize the concept of freedom of speech you would actually have to start blogging, no?

D Rebel. you have a valid point. It was however never really about freedom of speech, but now more than ever it is clear it really is not about that at all.

sky said...

I'd like to believe that the Australians are more understanding and tolerant (which I know they are), but it's a big generalisation to make. As it has been said, I think they just want to avoid all the controversy and violence that could take place, in true Aussie laid-back style...:)

Good on them. Sometimes things just need to be forgotten and put behind us.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Yeah, this is definately one of those things.

BuJ said...

it's very interesting that such a high percentage said no.. especially when almost a quarter of a million people were reported to have responded!

i think this large NO is due to two reasons:

1-australians really don't want to involve themselves in what happened to denmark and the potential future problems that might occur. they are scared.

2-australians are peaceful and quite pacifist.

i would hope that the 2nd reason was the most widely thought of reason.. because the aussies that i met have been quite nice and peaceful people.. and i would also like to add that punishing a country for something a newspaper did is very rediculous and stupid.

Anonymous said...

The result of this Australian vote hasn't much to do with Aussies. Muslims spread an appeal to vote "no" on the internet - worldwide. Now, mid of June, a German version of the appeal to vote "no" appeared in German internet-forums and muslims still vote, thinking the newspaper is still planning to publish the cartoons if they do not achieve 1 million votes against. (In the translation of the appeal the Australien newspaper became an Austrian (österreichische) newspaper.)

Anonymous said...

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