May 16, 2006


(When "hope" speaks to you, discouraging you from hoping)

Let not the winds of impulse persuade you,
I am not staying for long.
Wake up without me, you know I forbade you,
to let your heart sing along.

Plead not with those eyes of longing and hurting,
colder than ice I must be.
Breathless you'll stand there with no way of knowing,
what has happened to me.

Where I have gone, to what place I've traveled,
even time won't tell.
No traces I leave, no story unraveled,
it's time to bid farewell.


Destitute Rebel said...

amazing - shakspear would be envious

FancyFace said...

nice poem!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

D Rebel, let us not make Shakespeare turn in his grave. lol

fancyface, welcome!
thanks :)

archer14 said...

I am losing grip on the friend who's been with me for all these years, and as you say, it seems it's time Mr.Hope to bid farewell. But I will hold on with a 'death grip' for he's all I have.

Simply beautiful, I am mesmerised. Thanks for making my day!

khanana said...

man its killer….. very touchy

khanana said...

bytheway... 'zalim' would be the right word here.. :P

Boo! said...

agree with khanana... 'zalim' :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

archer, there are two things that are hard in life: Letting go and moving on. Realising that even without you in someones life, their life still goes on. It's a strange, sad feeling.

Always happy to make your day arch! :)

Well hope can be is whatever it wishes to be. We pursue it, but it does not necesserily heed our call, or fulfill our wishes.

archer14 said...

Yep, letting go is so hard. I've found letting go of people relatively easier than letting go of hope. I was referring to hope. Because when it came to people, I've been somewhat of a loner. It's one of the greatest msyteries of my life!

Anyway, I look forward to that marvelous poet in you!

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

mysterious archer... :)

Well I look forward to meeting that marvelous poet as well, do introduce us! we still haven't met lol

Anonymous said...

That was beatiful..*sob*.
Love the pic :D

Kyaroko said...

Sounds like the kind of post that one puts up when preparing to shut down her blog!

Anonymous said...

How truly moving!

Very deep and a expression of true feeling.

every word you wrote i relate too but sometimes life feels so hard especially with the decisions one or two people have to make.

but they dont make the decision that they really wanted to make but for the sake of neccasity!

An Admirer!

khanana said...

"Realising that even without you in someones life, their life still goes on. It's a strange, sad feeling" …… "hope can be zalim"

man.. SS it all cant be just sad :D it would be rather hurting... khair.. but we only say that God knows truth... what goes on and how, what makes one zalim and what turns someone cold…. Sometimes we even find it difficult to understand what exactly do we want and how? so how can we be sure about other individual. In simple, we always say it in Urdu as “Diloon ka haal khuda janta hay”

khairr.. awesome post with beautiful pic… and for this marvellous poetess I would rather say shes a new Shakespeare of blogs world… :P

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Hala dandoom! sho saar bi ismek? kaan dandoom, wo halla dandoomed? lesh? lol
Shukran habibti!

Kyaroko, welcome to my corner :) Did I come across that dark? I'm not going anywhere, not yet anyway :) glad you stopped by.

anonymous: I know what you mean, but I always remind myself "fate doesn't take orders". There are many times in life one is faced with a decision, wanting to choose another path, but circumstance often comes in the way and one is left with doing "what's right". Whether that is right for you or for other people around you is a different story.

Bloggers.Pakistan said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm doomed now,wallah.Lol!

3afwan,bes why don't you comment on my blog anymore.:(

Anonymous said...

Well Shaykhpeara,

I think your right but it hurst so much infact too much and it becomes diff. to think straight, when you want something so bad!

Only God knows what lies ahead!

But the memories we cherish!

An Admirer

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Bloggers pakistan, welcome! Thanks for the invite.

dandoomed, lesh doomed? inshallah '7eyr! lol ana asfe wallah, inshallah bitzoorek, ok habibti? Keef el diraasa?

anonymous: Well you never know if what you want is truly right for you. Sometimes time will tell, sometimes it wont.
I hope it works out for you inshallah.

Anonymous said...

I'm doomed cuz of the diraasa :P

Anonymous said...

Well Shaykhspeara,

you know sometimes its just so difficult to make any sense of situations especially where emotions and feelings are involved.

God knows what he beholds for each and everyone of us in life and where it make take us!

An Admirer

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Ya salam dandoomed, aren't we all at one point or another :)

Anon: Sometimes you just need to let the river take you to your destination. Head up, chin up ey? :)

Anonymous said...

Well shaykhspeara,

The river has taken me in towards the ocean and it has now become diff. to get out why? well when u find so much freedom, happiness in it why would one want to come out, its just a shame that you feel alone in the ocean where as one feels that there are others who have falllen towards the ocean but!, dont want to let go because of what bounds one in life!


An Admirer,

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

What can I say anon, if someone can't swim they perhaps won't enter the ocean?

Anonymous said...

Well Shaykhspeara,

Perhaps one doesen't need to swim & let go and trust that they will be carried.

I guess what really is a wonder of life is when you remain in question what would happen, or perhaps wonder for the rest of their time what would it have been like?, I wonder?

Life is lived once and as nature takes its cause ones decisions should allow for their true feelings.

For that is what will ultimately carry you!

An Admirer

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Well there are no guarantees in life, nor that one would be carried either if once one let goes.

Cheer up Anon, you seem to have a very heavy heart.

Anonymous said...

No ive just got a broken heart!

But times a healer, everyday is a new day!

All the best!

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Hello Shaykha,

Your post reminded me of an Urdu couplet by Faiz Ahmed Faiz from his collection Jaanan Jaanan

"Dil yeh kehta hai ke shayad
Ho fasurda woh bhee
Dil kee kya baat karen
Dil tau hai naadan jaanan"

Roughly translated:
My heart says that perhaps she would be sad too
But then, the heart is such a innocent fool, my beloved.

Hope is cruel, when it lies.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

What a poem farrukh!! ahh I shouldn't be reading such things so early in the day, stuck at work.

Translated it really falls short, wouldn't you say? Welcome back from your super long absence. Where have you been hiding?

Anonymous said...

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