May 22, 2006

How did you end up here?

While going through my site stats, I noticed a few interesting things when it comes to how people ended up on my site. The following search words were googled today by some of you thus leading you to my blog:

Two "Punjabi poetry" - Glad to help
"Swearing Poll" - Umm, ok.
"Symbol envy" - *spit* *spit*
"Whether its there or here put the chicken in my mouth" - Bird flu song?
"If you give me lahme I feel like I can fly"- Definitely bird flu song
"time capsule and the hanging garden of babylon"- 7 wonders?
Four "la7me" - enough already
"la7me song" - see above
"romeo julia islamic world leila or lejla" - Will Shaykhspeara do?
Four !!! "Pakistani aunties and uncles" - Aunty jee, maaf karo (sorry), I didn't mean what I wrote, honest... please don't tell dad!
"Isabelle Eberhardt" - Finally someone who has heard of her.

Ah well, welcome back again dear readers. Glad to see that I am the place to go for chicken and la7me (meat) ...heartwarming really...


Anonymous said...

That's terrific a search site called

"You'll find everything there, try it NOW!"

hihi...go girl!/Walking sister with flip flips

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

lol well they will definitely be able to find la7me here, that's for sure!

How about "Shake-speara", shake her and you never know what might come out!

archer14 said...

Maybe it's just me, but I find it exceedingly paranoid that bloggers should know the why, when and who is visiting their blog. Your linked answers are creative!
"Pakistani aunties and uncles"
Who in the whole world searches for that!! ROFLMAO!!

CG said...

I am not sure if all those who check are paranoid. Soemtimes having time to kill means being a little bit interested in your visitors. I think I check mine about once a month, and usually find something quite ghastly and then wish I had not peeked. I seem to get too many government depts on.....always gets me a wondering.

Fouad said...

ah some of the search terms that lead to my blog.. all I can say is that I might have unintentionally caused some to be quite disappointed :)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

I think it's very much like CG says, one is curious about one's readers and when one has a spare minute to check where or how they came, one might do so.

The searches came from google india and pk if I'm not mistaken, regarding the pak Aunties & Uncles... I am so curious to know why they were searching for that...

CG, govt departments ey? Tell 'em to look but don't touch! Ahh that should be your new theme..."can't touch this, ta na na na na"

BuJ said...

cg... so it's once a month now?

well govrn dept can only be one thing.. they are bored!

but the guys that searched for the paki auntis really need help.. actually i know a psychologist who has a good website.. he also has the first consultations free..

i wonder if they can search the comments as well?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

fouad, I see the connection... well let people "dream on" lol

Buj, sign me up at that psychologist you were talking about. I might need it after the wedding tomorrow.

Who search what comments?

archer14 said...

I can understand why many Indians are behind Paki 'aunties' but Uncles? From where did these sexy pot-bellied bald hunks emerge from?

BuJ said...

SS: I meant that it would be interesting if search engines could search our comments and not just your posts, this is because for this article for example, the comments are as interesting as the post, and it would be a shame for someone searching for auntis and uncles from pakistan not to find this page where we talk about them so fondly :)

CG said...

Buj....what is your point?

Anonymous said...

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